17: Getting Started Making Content That Works

17: Getting Started Making Content That Works
In todays episode, we deep dive into creating content that works for your business. We give you a list of content ideas that you can start creating now that will have a positive impact on growing your business.

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Darryl:                    Welcome to my bloody website the show where we talk all things online for small and medium business owners or executives who still refer to their bloody websites. As a note you can find all our previous episodes show notes and links to all the resources we mention on bloodywebsite.com I'm one of your co-hosts Darrell King

Edmund:                and I'm Edmund Pelgen

Darryl:                    Alright Edmund welcome to episode 17

Edmund:                I can't believe we're still around unbelievable (laughing)

Darryl:                    You know we're gonna be around for a long time yeah (00:26 …?)

Edmund:                I know absolutely

Darryl/Edmund:                 (both laughing)

Darryl:                    Oh that's great so this week's episode we are going to bring together a few of the things we've talked about so if we go back over the last month we did three episodes around content and we broke that up a little bit with a link building, a practical how-to, on how to do some important basic link building for businesses. This episode we're coming back to the issue of content and improving how our audience and business website owners and marketing people think about creating content and you know it's a tricky one and we've talked about why you need content, how content such an asset to your business, how it's used in attracting people and part of your marketing efforts and reaching out to your audience. We've talked about finding your audience and understanding them and we've talked about that everything you do when you produce content needs to have a return, a return on investment, ROI, so we've we’ve done all those things and then we get to this point Ed I believe where a lot of people get paralysis where they go

Edmund:                I do

Darryl:                    oh my gosh how am I going to handle this it sounds like so much work I'm not a writer god I couldn't produce a video I don't want to be in a video I look horrible

Darryl:                    I don't understand how all these people do it they mustn't have a job or a full time gig all of these things that we hear.

Edmund:                yeah absolutely and though it's amazing we actually live in really good times in the sense that the ability to produce amazing quality content, right, it's it's now available to the masses. The tools, the systems and the education as well right, the knowledge is out there to show people like us normal business people how to create awesome quality content that will actually make a difference for the business

Darryl:                    Oh you're so right, I mean think about just in my working life time I remember selling brick phones

Darryl:                    way way back. So in New Zealand and these were the ones that actually had to be set in your car they were the first mobile phones and really all they could do was dial a number and communicate over a massive antenna and now we have these devices which you could probably could fly planes or spaceships to the moon they've got that much computing power and then we carry them around in our pocket their GPS, got awesome cameras, video and sound capture. So yeah you're right I mean that's just a device there and you know we have automatic spell checkers and grammar checkers and you know when you're typing

Edmund:                Yeah

Darryl:                    content we have there you're right with just amazing plus, easily accessible resources as in people that freelance and offer

Edmund:                That’s right

Darryl:                    this services to do it for you so I think that's what we want to cover today isn't it really we wanna

Edmund:                Yeah

Darryl:                    we wanna talk about it's not so hard. It really isn't as hard as you think as long as you're committed to improving what you do

Edmund:                and that's the key point like we'll go through some some ideas of content that they can create that will be a value to business but I think the thing is that you do need a commitment and I can say oh it's super easy use your phone and do this and this and this but the reality is it's still going to take a commitment from you to push you know out of your comfort zone

Darryl:                    hmm

Edmund:                and try a few things but you will be amazed once you get started it's like anything it's like that first step right uhhh of a fitness program you just gotta get started and I guarantee you the the key thing to remember is this the first piece of content you produce is going to be crap the second piece will be less crap. But by the time you get to the tenth piece it's going to be amazing and you're gonna be ten steps ahead of your competition in this in this journey of creating content

Darryl:                    Well it comes down to things like an Outliers from Malcolm Gladwell well you know the whole thing of you know 10,000 hours putting stuff in. It's

Darryl:                    the same when we go to sport, when we do anything. Like when we we're sitting here in podcast talking about stuff we'd be doing for 20 years. 20 odd years ago I mean no one knew anything about HTML because it was brand-new and

Edmund:                hmm

Darryl:                    there were no editors there were no there wasn't CSS and things like this that we use today we all used to hand code basic crappy websites and sell them and we thought they were just magic right well no one could have imagined back then the type of things you can produce today and how easy it is to do it yeah

Edmund:                Hmm

Darryl:                    Tools like WordPress might not haven't been around that long none of that existed and it's the same with writing content. In writing a novel is very much the same you know you they talk about it you know the first novel you know you, it doesn't matter how many times you edit it you will be better novelist when you write book five or six

Edmund:                yeah

Darryl:                    because you practice your craft, but I also think that your quotes really similarly to writing up a large novel is that you know there's there's only one way to do it hmm that's to write

Edmund:                that's right (laughing)

Darryl:                    you know and the thing with producing blog posts you can read and listen you can fantasize about it you can dread it but you’ve just actually got to write a blog post you

Edmund:                Yeah push

Darryl:                    You push hard yourself)

Edmund:                push through that fear of being crap and and just get it out there right I mean it's amazing like I follow a lot of creators on YouTube as a platform and it's amazing because they'll get to a certain point they'll be you know hundreds of thousands followers and they'll say hey um why don’t you come back with me and let's have a look at my first video

Darryl:                    Yeah

Edmund:                and they're so crappy but but they're learning right this is where it all starts so you know

Darryl:                    Well look I I think that's really, you know one of the things I'd like to so maybe touch in this is that there there are ways that people approach things that I think sometimes hurt what their real intention is and you know what we're not trying to give you ahh some hacks or tactics to you know

Edmund:                Yeah

Darryl:                    cajole someone into buying side from you what we're trying to do is to teach you how to do this stuff online better and with the right thought processes and the ways to work through it and when you've going to produce content you've got to be committed to saying I want to help find people that my product or services actually can help like I'm not

Edmund:                That’s Right

Darryl:                    interested in finding the wrong people and the second part of that is authentic content is part of the world we live in now you know 10 15 20 years ago it was about mass produced messages that were like propaganda they were pushed out to you the mainstream media methods that we had TV and film and radio were all about sending out these really slick messages from highly trained people you know productions but we've moved past that social media and other

Edmund:                yeah

Darryl:                    things we interact with in this day and age the fact that we all have more knowledge the Internet has given us that we you know we can read through and see through the guises of you know marketing speak and all the rest of it it doesn't mean we don't want to get it and we don't wanna buy but we can also tell when it's inauthentic and when we're being told crap and all the rest of it so if you are worried about producing crap stand back and think from the other side and I’ve and I've used this phrase before you're drinking own bathwater a little bit or say yeah thinking from the outside in. Your customers or potential customers they might not think that you're talking crap at all you

Edmund:                ahemm

Darryl:                    might think it's just a load of rubbish. Oh no one's interested in this and uhmm a colleague Gavin Heaton once answered a tweet to me I said you know sometimes it feels really strange why write something that's been written before you know this posts about this topic to some very is was written five years ago and he kind of answered and said because there's always people that haven't seen that message there's always people that need to learn it and stuff moves past us so quickly

Edmund:                Yeah

Darryl:                    that your message just you know you're not unique there's very few people that are unique so you get out there

Edmund:                but I actually might counter that I might say that even though you're writing about the same topic what you do bring that is unique is your own experience and your own perspective and context to the to the to the to the uhm to the thing that you're writing about so you you know you might be we're talking about building a website but you've got a completely different mindset and experience to someone else right

Darryl:                    Totally

Edmund:                that may that may totally connect with the people you help me with and I think one one the other thing that's really important is to recognize that is we're not here I think people should not - everyone wants to hit a homerun on the first piece of content that they create

Darryl:                    Yep

Edmund:                and it's not gonna happen right I think you need to get that out of your system and realize that you've just got to get started create content and it'll get better over time but as you were talking about customers though they'll use this as an opportunity to get to know you they're not gonna most people won't buy on the first watch of a video or anything

Darryl:                    Yeah

Edmund:                so stop thinking I'm gonna create a video and I want to sell stuff and if I didn't sell stuff it didn't work it's about putting in the work and building a relationship with people cuz you know you don't buy things just because you've seen a video once or you've seen someone tweak something once

Darryl:                    well and that's a really important thing you know and you know when people we talk about pop up some websites or weird things that people do on websites and I've been in a situation where someone said I want that on my website they go do you like those things

Edmund:                (laughing)

Darryl:                    they usually go no I can't stand them but I want them a mine you know it's like you know on a security guard to block the doorway of my jewelry shop at the mall you know because I feel safer you know everyone said you'll be serving it but no one gets in and they're threatened by this massive dude you know it's standing there no one comes in so you actually get less you know and you just wouldn't do that

Edmund:                Nah

Darryl:                    I I think of that’s uhmm you've got a you've got to understand it from where they're coming from and you're absolutely right we don't buy necessarily from the very first instance in many cases it takes quite a while but we talked about that in previous episodes we talked about the return isn't about necessarily an individual transaction the return that you're gonna get from this content is going to come in all sorts of ways first of all you might create deeper connections with the people that are already your clients well that might lead to loyalty which might lead to more repeat business along the way

Edmund:                hmmm

Darryl:                    and less chances are compared to take them away it's a really hard thing to manage to measure it's really hard

Edmund:                absulotely

Darryl:                    you know how do I measure that them listening to me and getting a sense and you know talking about X Y Z or the challenges in our business would would create that connection but we see that every day you and I know of individuals online you know with a struggle with business and they've left their business it's all been broadcast and you know really I can Blog Post videos and things and commentary about it and people have a richer deeper connection with that person. They don't necessarily agree with everything they're saying

Edmund:                Yeah

Darryl:                    but you understand them as humans and I think we don't buy really a lot of the time particularly business-to-business from from a business with buying from the person that were interacting with and

Edmund:                absolutely

Darryl:                    it's very transactional like an e-commerce business is how do you cross that boundary I talked about persuasive technology but how do you bring that human element to something that is highly electronic and transactional well through what you were talking about

Edmund:                yeah absolutely so where do we go now with this Mate

Darryl:                    okay well what I think that that we you know don't be afraid we want to get started let's yeah you know and we've talked about there's a whole heap of different types of content so you're sitting there and you're going okay I've got my businesses you know five staff ten staff whatever we're all flat out I'm busy you know uhmm that's fine what type of stuff then we'll just get you over that hump because we've all got excuses we all go it's too hard and and I think we need to we need to understand that we could just say just rush off and write blog posts and I think that's a common mistake

Edmund:                Oh yeah

Darryl:                    because there's two things I think people do right they do blog post and they do email newsletters where they just start sending stuff out and part of me says that's great because you've started which is like we talked about

Edmund:                hmm

Darryl:                    right the other part of me goes always you know me, I like to have a little bit of a plan behind me, you say well we should have some direction with where we go and that was where we were leading before um in the coming up, this episode and the next episode or two that we're going to cover, where we're gonna get into really really specific stuff. I think the underlying thing we're gonna talk about a little bit here is the formulation of a plan, so we will share with you a google sheet spread sheet that will have some basic structure to it and it's really simple do whatever you like but what we want you to do work with us and start filling in topics and things as we suggest to do it and not immediately rush out so I'm gonna write a blog post because I think the critic gets you there Ed you know I write that blog post and then I do know that crap because I didn't really think about what I was writing before I had no real direction I didn't know you know is this for a client or a prospect or was it for me what was the goal so you know I don't have anything so that what we're going to talk about in a few minutes is or how do I get over that and make sure I do do it and I think we've got some good suggestions but this sheet gives you a pathway so you know the basics of a structure to put it in so you don't don't worry about that don't worry about how do I get started fill in the blanks think about the things we're saying on how they apply to your business as we come across them and then and then go through the steps over the next two to three weeks and then we're gonna be looking at answering customer questions specifically next week and and things like that

Edmund:                and later on we'll talk about how but that's not for today

Darryl:                    yeah

Edmund:                right

Darryl:                    no no that's right well yeah and it may be for people coming up, the way that we're gonna work through these content segment is you know one two or three episodes that really draw around the types of content and try to help you get through those hurdles and just throw ideas back and forth that you can apply and then we're gonna drop into some sort of how-to video I think the one we've got scheduled coming up in a few weeks is, Ed is a really great at learning and applying techniques on video production, and where the first one is how you can create really authentic professional video for your business using a smart phone

Edmund:                I just know who to follow and who to learn from

Ed/Darryl:             (laughing)

Darryl:                    you know but the thing there is we can all learn lots of stuff it's about putting it into action and you put it into action I've learnt heaps from you on those things so lets let's go on with that let's get moving towards some action with people Ed you know so we let Let’s summarize we know that we wanna attract some people we've identified we've got a couple of different audiences so we've got an audience uhmm I don't know did you have a business in mind maybe let's pick a business some sort of business identity type of business that you could think of that will just talk around what they might do like I mean it could be ahha so we want a lawyer or you know a coffee shop or I don't know a factory like is there something that

Edmund:                I I let's let's take uhmm let's use the example of the the pool guy the pool filter Maker because that's that's

Darryl:                    okay

Edmund:                a really

Darryl:                    so just pool filters or is he do everything for you

Edmund:                oh just a pool shop someone who sells

Darryl:                    okay okay pool shop

Edmund:                yeah

Darryl:                    so there pool shop all right so pool shop includes you know they probably go out and service pools and clean them for people if they want they sell pool photos they sell chemicals all those things, that sort of stuff I get it.

Edmund:                yeah all that sort of stuff all right

Darryl:                    now so they are trying to build a better relationship to their website and and they probably got some goals there might be to reach further than their local area so selling products and a wider range they obviously can't service pools so maybe that's why they've gotten have identified some different people now so we wanna create a plan for them we don't want them to just go and write a blog post so we want them to have a bit of a plan what what would be some things or before you even go to a plan let's just run through loosely just let's throw them back and forth what are the types of content that might suit this type of business

Edmund:                yep so at a very basic level right I mean we we talk about all the information on the website being content right so if if for example that we're selling all of those uhh robotic pool vacuum cleaners or that sort of; that's content as well right

Darryl:                    So the product description

Edmund:                the product descriptions

Darryl:                    Yeah

Edmund:                depict images all that sort of stuff so at a very basic level you've gotta have all of that right if you ……?

Darryl:                    well lets Can I stop you there?

Edmund:                yeah

Darryl:                    sorry so I mean we're assuming that they’ve probably got that but we're gonna go they they can do a deeper job of that and we know we weren't talking about it

Edmund:                yeah

Darryl:                    but that should be on their list to review it right they should be looking at and going I could possibly do a better job than what the manufacturer gave me those two sentences

Edmund:                absolutely and I think as as a side note from an SEO perspective if you if you've got a big catalog of products and inventory don't use the proper the manufacturers descriptions it's one of these little SEO mistakes that people do they just get the manufacturers descriptions and cut and paste them. Not good for SEO

Darryl:                    I think Jason Mun talk about that we had him

Edmund:                yeah

Darryl:                    we'll probably do an episode on product content down the way as well because I think that

Edmund:                Absolutely

Darryl:                    and and it's a hard one you know if you've got 3,000 products

Edmund:                it is tough

Darryl:                    what about what about I mean and one other ones on what we talked about quite often ourselves to people as it starts out with a discussion about frequently asked questions but I think it's a bit deeper than that it's kind of answering customer questions isn’t it.

Edmund:                yeah I and it here's the thing like if you run a pool shop uhmm  I guarantee you every time someone comes in they've got a question how about this what about this I'm thinking of putting this in my pool etc so could you imagine all the knowledge there at the time that you've spent sharing that information with a customer I don't buy that that that salt water filter because it's no good with these pools etc imagine all of that information if if you didn't have to repeat yourself if it was on the website whether it was in a with it in written whatever so there's a ton of frequently asked questions and I I suggest to people that's where you should start right


Darryl:                    that's where we're gonna start next week isn’t it that we're gonna go deep into

Edmund:                absolutely

Darryl:                    how to address

Edmund:                Yeah

Darryl:                    it so it's not just simple uhh one-sentence answers to questions

Edmund:                No

Darryl:                    Like a FAQ page and I think that's the thing isn't it like people will rush out oh well we can answer all the questions but we wanna teach you how to do that in more depth so you get more sustainable results over the longer term

Edmund:                yeah because because there's a thing you can take some of those FAQ's those frequently ask questions and put them into I you know you see the standard on our website FAQ and it's just one big page with all these short answers that's not gonna add massive value yes it's it's helpful it's better than nothing don't get me wrong but some of those questions are actually an opportunity for you to do a better job a bit more comprehensive you know

Darryl:                    So another one that would be would stand out and I think you hear this quite a bit is you know how to fix stuff so yeah I look I go YouTube all the time go hey how to fix my doors and windows and and it when it comes up whenever we talk content but a lot of people get worried about how-to-fix content because it I'll take away from me doing doing the work for a customer the reality is if someone's going to do it themselves they're gonna do it anyway and a lot of times with the how-to-fix maybe they fix the small thing themselves because they can and they want to but you engender trust with them you shared that information willingly when they get a slightly bigger job or when they don't have the time next time they look you up because they remember how you told them that whatever might not have been a video but how to fix stuff so I think there's a lot a pool Shop guy could do the how to fix

Edmund:                ohhhhh

Darryl:                    how to fix your pump maybe not your pump insides but

Edmund:                yeah

Darryl:                    you don’t know how replace your uhmm chlorinator you how to fix your vacuum thing you know (18:36 I haven’t clean it)

Edmund:                that's exactly that exactly yeah; I mean the chlorinator one was an example that I found found the local video uhmm watched it figured out how to do it but then now I know the brand right it's the local pool shop next time I need something I'll go and pop in and see them

Darryl:                    and I guess how to fix leads, goes to how to use stuff

Edmund:                Right

Darryl:                    how to use my funky thing you know yeah you gave me this creepy crawly device

Darryl:                    it's got robotic

Edmund:                (laughing)

Darryl:                    arms and all the rest and then

Edmund:                (laughs again)

Darryl:                    to close it I had to take it out for a party and you're gonna put it back in and I've got no idea you know so you look it up

Edmund:                yeah but think of think of the the fact that it and and and it's not about just putting on YouTube and expecting customers from all over the place to find you imagine just being able to share that video with your existing customers

Darryl:                    yep totally

Edmund:                so that you don't have to go into it right so it's saving you time and money anyway

Darryl:                    well when we start when we do an episode or two on newsletters you know you go people (ahr ahr) they come up with the wrong things possibly in a newsletter but if you have a regular newsletter go out and you just produced a piece of content about did you know how to fix this thing I how to do that thing

Edmund:                yeah

Darryl:                    Uhmm you know like like in the web and when we used to have the hosting business I used to say to their support manager you get her something twice we've done something twice that's something you need to produce content right but like how do i renew my domain name or how do i check that you know if if it's locked well there's so many little things like that that you can produce that really from a business service perspective you don't actually necessarily want to do either because you might have to do it for free you know that might be part of a support arrangement

Edmund:                yeah

Darryl:                    Where if the client actually does it themselves it's actually better for you overall because you save time and money uhmm

Edmund:                Absolutely

Darryl:                    what are some other things Ed that uhhm the the the pool guy might have

Edmund:                ahh

Darryl:                    let's say he sells one range of pumps or something what else could he do

Edmund:                oh look the the the great piece of content is always a comparison guide or something like that so the classic one you know I I ask you hey what Pool vacuum cleaner do you use and you said I use a great white shark and I said well I was looking at another another brand and you said well this is good this is this is why I bought it uhmm that that sort of thing is great if if they're in the same price but why wouldn't you do a product comparison feature comparison uhh

Darryl:                    absolutely

Edmund:                even if you know I'm even even a video from the pool guy saying you know what they're both great machines but I prefer this because it breaks down less I mean that has has massive value for the customer right great

Darryl:                    yeah and you know you get this from great sales people in in showrooms I'm not sure if I've talked about it on this podcast before but I remember when I bought the last dishwasher for a house yeah the guy came up to me and he saw I was walking around I’d pulled every door thing open I looked at them I was moving so I was obviously digging in deep and we started talking and he said look this one only is a better price this one here I think is a bit of money on the long term and we had a really lengthy discussion about why and he showed me any and I said okay so how does that work on that one we did it and we actually did those comparisons like that now they can be written ones that could be video but there's so much that you deliver in the showroom or in the workshop or when out on the road that can be translated to electronic forms of content if you just have to think about that don't you so lot of this is like it's not that hard you already have these conversations every time someone rings up

Edmund:                hmm

Darryl:                    says why is your uhmm what is the great white shark so popular ahh well this and that but what about the original creepy crawly, well how did you put up its this size well see they don't work really well once it gets over this size

Edmund:                That’s right

Darryl:                    I didn't know that why is that because the suctions not big enough blah blah blah well what they can't go up the wall or whatever it might be so all of that just feeds that out and having a comparison list of even if you have three different models like you

Edmund:                Yeah

Darryl:                    might sell three different brands compared to three because they all suit different people that's why you stock them

Edmund:                exactly right and the other the other question I always have when I got this freakin pool out here was how much chlorine do I you know

Darryl:                    Yeah

Edmund:                here's winter right how much chlorine do I need to put in his head do I need to change your settings for winter how do i you know what I mean and then

Darryl:                    Well those are like step-by-step guides or localization guides right like hey in January February this is the level you know no one does that right and then

Edmund:                hmmm

Darryl:                    they get there guy will come around and sell you on well how about I need to know when I should adjust it well after rain you should immediately do this

Edmund:                That’s right

Darryl:                    they don't even give you that on paper they don't you know there's no there's a laminated sheet that sticks out where the pool fileter is. see oh yeah that how I do it

Edmund:                what a great upsell I'm basically told the customer here over the next 12 months based on the season this is what you need to do with the pool do this do this do this alternatively why don't you just pay me 50 bucks a month and I'll come out each month then make sure it's taken care of for you

Edmund:                Why wouldn’t I

Darryl:                    even the flip side of it right coz you know like I’ve I've had both and I've done it myself and I actually like knowing that I've got it under control and a lot of the guys that do pool stuff don't necessarily want that I want to fix the equipment and sell you the gear but it can actually be quite expensive they've a guy on the road doing all that stuff

Edmund:                yeah

Darryl:                    but it's what about you know hey it just had a massive thunderstorm we get them here you know do you get a text at 8 a.m. on Saturday morning go hey after the rain you probably want to make sure that your chlorine levels at point x per liter - you know boom boom boom you might need to just top it up with a little bit more than normal

Edmund:                yeah that’s great

Darryl:                    you know like and you can automate that stuff you can do it you know this is content sending a text is a piece of content

Edmund:                that’s right

Darryl:                    contextually relevant so it comes back to doesn't it who for

Edmund:                yeah

Darryl:                    that’s the result I'm trying to achieve?

Edmund:                That’s right

Darryl:                    because I wanna get the $50 call out regularly then there's a limit to how much I'm gonna give them before I try to send  them back to convert whereas if I want to just build a relationship and say he's our trusted partner we always go to that shop I might be delivering different levels of content

Edmund:                that's right that's right

Darryl:                    okay one of the things that uhhmm you know like let let's say if you’ve got an eletronic product so you're a software company or you know you do things online you might run courses or things like that you know there there's things that people can produce like development videos or ahh outlines about how they produce the product or how they do

Edmund:                yeah absolutely

Darryl:                    before even will be

Edmund:                were talking

Edmund:                were talking like manufactured product or electric doesn't matter right? software doesn't matter I think that I think one thing that this concept that if you if you if you Google Gary Vaynerchuk and document don't create yeah well that's that's a whole other discussion for another time but the basic premises uhmm the idea that people got all I need to create all this content and and uhmm gary vaynerchuk's premise is that if you wanna do this at scale and you don't and you're struggling with ideas well document the the life of your business as it were so for example if you were doing ahhh software development or a product development and you know people are passionate about that product and they're interested they want it to succeed because they want to buy it things like behind-the-scenes video is you know maybe interviews with some of the development team or the engineer who's working on it just going through those little things that's really helpful in the insight for content you it's an opportunity to share who you are and the team is and to build a sense of connection with it and at the same time people are gonna see you guys investing in the business in the amount of work that you put into the product and it engenders a real feeling of trust that you're competent right and

Darryl:                    Yeah and it bring the human touch too

Edmund:                yeah

Darryl:                    the more people vetting a part of that the more people that you can see you know I guess and that spans out to other types of businesses to like you can interview you staff you can interview clients

Edmund:                absolutely

Darryl:                    you know and that might be just I mean you see this with book authors on book blogs or stuff a lot of times or even on uhmm software blogs and things where it's an email interview it's not even a video

Edmund:                yeah

Darryl:                    like this can be send a bunch of questions over back and forward a few answers and

Edmund:                and

Darryl:                    then compile it into a post like it's

Edmund:                that’s right

Darryl:                    obviously video is cool too if you can do it but you could do a phone call you can do a Skype call we just record the audio

Edmund:                it ‘sso easy

Darryl:                    you know

Edmund:                yeah and I think one one one insight that you should take away from this is cuz some people will rush out and say let's go to a client interview

Darryl:                    yeah yeah

Edmund:                it'll be like how did you enjoy using our product and and I think you want to stay away from that the the ideal way to interview a client right who is using your stuff is to make them the hero of the story right

Edmund:                so talk about how that client has grown their business or done stuff and you’re your product or your service is a bit player in that movie right

Darryl:                    yeah

Edmund:                but you actually promote that client and you talk about how they've grown their business and and all these cool things and and you can share that and it builds a lot of trust cuz they're gonna share that because it makes them look great as well

Darryl:                    well it's cool and I think that's probably worth an episode in itself about doing those interviews and planning them and but and that also comes back to have a plan before you do it because you can walk into a real problem right

Edmund:                yeah

Darryl:                    well I mean obviously you don't have to broadcast it's not live stream but you know uhmm look there are things you know there's an area a lot of people have warranty and information things like that

Edmund:                absolutely

Darryl:                    and it all gets buried in warranty docs all the rest of it you can actually translate stuff about the warranty and bring it out into posts and pieces how you may not have understood this about the warranty just be aware of it you know like hey and people get this feeling like they're not afraid of the warranty their saying there is a warranty we're not hiding from it because we back our products but

Edmund:                absolutely

Darryl:                    you don't have to just paste up legalese documents

Edmund:                Yeah

Darryl:                    so you can actually say you know section 3 of our warranty talks about what happens if the device ruins you know if your pumps broken because of the craw and whatever

Edmund:                yeah III think warrant is really powerful because I had personal experience from it recently right and so rather than like you said hiding it in the back and just hoping that no one finds it you know making it hard for people to deal with it that's the point which you can shine when your product fails and it's your response to it and how your warranty helps those people I have a very similar issue with an induction oven that we bought ahh it was an issue with the crack on the top and one of the induction elements not working, website was wonderful it had a really clear section and what was awesome about is they took all that legalese in the warranty and they actually broke it down to a ahh ahhh ahhh frequently ask questions section where it said what happens if your your induction top is cracked

Darryl:                    yeah correct …... what do I do next, what are the steps

Edmund:                what do you do? made it easy in there

Darryl:                    rather than bearing oh here’s the warranty you've got a problem fill in the form

Edmund:                here's the PDF yeah

Darryl:                    yeah but there's a whole lot of content that we produced through that you go oh that seems logical but so many sites don't have it so many people

Edmund:                yeah

Darryl:                    aren't willing to invest the time it's an

Edmund:                absolutely

Darryl:                    um yeah look you can even take it the other way like sometimes you can interview you know competitors you can interview prospects that are thinking about it that have contacted you, why are you thinking

Edmund:                Yeah

Darryl:                    about that why are you thinking about that I mean and you might people might find that strange but you go to a conference and you know there are people that actually get know about producing content for their blogs or

Edmund:                Yeah

Darryl:                    video streams or photo stream of everyone that's at the conference not just themselves

Edmund:                yeah we

Darryl:                    and they create a rich audience of people that didn't attend the conference or did come back to them to find inspiration about it

Edmund:                in our in our space it's those people who go to conferences and they'll do live blogging or they'll write a daily recap and what

Darryl:                    and photos or

Edmund:                yeah they get shared and people always say oh can I use that photo and then they link back to them as all these SEO benefits of that sort of stuff

Darryl:                    Oh yeah but it's also you know like you're you're

Edmund:                you’re actually

Darryl:                    you're capturing valuable information about that event and you're you're archiving it online for posterity for people to find it so it's adding to that content pool providing that that fits with your goals

Edmund:                I think there's one one other thing too that we should talk about if we're talking online and technology and stuff this is look some people in businesses that create software for example

Darryl:                    yeah

Edmund:                Uhmm a really popular piece of content that a lot of the missing opportunity with is things like integration guides right

Darryl:                    yeah

Edmund:                Uhmm I'll give you an example is the is the Xero accounting system is probably the most popular accounting system out there and a ton of people create third-party products that either piggyback onto it or will leverage the data that's in there and imagine people wanna know they wanna know if they wanna buy these things do they integrate with my accounting system because no one's gonna change your accounting system so simple guides like that integration guides that show how your product or service integrates with Xero that solves the pain that makes it easy so that people don't have to stress about it are really valuable pieces of content because I guarantee you they do search for that if specifically with Xero if you look at the keyword research you know how does X integrate with Xero

Darryl:                    totally like you do

Edmund:                would you do it

Darryl:                    funny side story I actually was ahh  will past the outside of their home dice office and Napier New Zealand just a week and a half ago

Edmund:                yeah

Darryl:                    little company started over there and it's going to be massive but you know and they've been very good at telling the story and I recall trying both them and SAS or Sassou yeah ssv

Edmund:                sassou yes sassou

Darryl:                    yeah sassou is an Australian born one & Xero New Zealand born one both approaching the same problem different angles and I switched from sassou to Xero and haven't looked back I think I don't know the numbers but you don't hear people talk about the other product the same you hear if I talk about Xero they really won that battle but they've always been good at uhmm product development but telling

Edmund:                hmmm

Darryl:                    there story getting it out there sharing it very good Uhmmm

Edmund:                yep

Darryl:                    If if you're in other industries there's a lot of scientific information or research yeah

Edmund:                absolutely

Darryl:                    could be in manufacturing even in engineering but it could be in health and science topics

Edmund:                yeah

Darryl:                    where there's a lot

Edmund:                Boring

Darryl:                    I I think quite often you know there's a lot of uhmm as we call it pseudoscience about health blogging and things like that there are a lot of people that put up fitness and health information with no backing to what

Edmund:                Yeah

Darryl:                    they say and then they get away with it you know if it's a recipe who cares if it's tasty you know I liked it I put the stuff on great but but if you're really trying to build something and say you want to create distinctive content by backing up what you you're saying if you're a fitness trainer you're backing up with stories and research papers and all these other things you've got or if you're in you know a technical field where you're drawing on them you might be producing the research papers but if you're gathering that information and writing a simpler summary of it and why and and sharing that information to your audience there's a lot of value

Edmund:                yeah yeah I think that what you're talking about is either curating analyzing simplifying ahh you know what I mean there's and there's so much of that happening in different industries and that's a real opportunity for you create content because you think about what you're doing is you're helping people who may not be as scientifically literate or connected with the same research papers or whatever it is to understand what's happening and what it means for them so there's a simple like you said that's a really simple way of creating content based on on something that's more complex you know and building

Darryl:                    hmm

Edmund:                a trust with the customer ahhh

Darryl:                    ah another way another way you can go from curating like that is to head into sort of like uhmm like regular updates weekly daily updates

Edmund:                yeah

Darryl:                    on you’re in history or things like that where you've got a small commentary about it you know and I guess it's like the ahh on TV news with a guy from the stock market gets up and says these

Edmund:                yeah absolutely

Darryl:                    are all highlight thing you know

Edmund:                that's it's really popular in financial services you know people who trade and stuff will write a daily analysis on what it means and share that on their blog and and  people consume that rabidly because

Darryl:                    and sports we run around sports we we like

Edmund:                oh yeah

Darryl:                    (….?)

Edmund:                absolutely

Darryl:                    another one I think and you kind of touched on a little bit when you talked about the interview with the customer you know when you talk about them being the hero of the story but quite often your business is the hero of a lot of stories and you achieve results for people so you can either write them yourself or you can get the client involved and work with it but let's really drill down into how our service or product actually helped this person achieve a result and I think that helps other people go you know I talked about Seth Godin says people like us do things like this or think like that

Edmund:                That’s right

Darryl:                    so if I'm if I want new accounting software and I'm in a web development business and I now see these great stories and integrations of how all these web development agencies move to zero people like me do things like that

Edmund:                yeah

Darryl:                    it's helping me make that decision

Edmund:                yeah that's right people like me have the same problems right so rather than writing these generic faffy over the top case studies which are more you know self-aggrandizement tapping myself

Darryl:                    yeah

Edmund:                on the back you write about understanding the customers problem really specifically and then how you how your product how your service helped them so people can see that's my problem oh my gosh this is how your product solved the problem the some you know took me to a solution

Darryl:                    Well in case studies are a great thing most industries can do case studies so there's lots of different ways and we'll talk about some of those more detail uhmm another thing that people forget in curating is a good one you know social media is creating lots of content for you and you can sometimes curate stuff that's relevant

Edmund:                Ohyeah

Darryl:                    to you and a cool thing that often happens really well is unboxing videos

Edmund:                Ohyeah

Darryl:                    so you know I just got my new MacBook Pro for example or something like that and people film it being unboxed how beautiful it is I did a little unboxing video with my Seth Godin Marketing Book

Edmund:                (laughing)

Darryl:                    that big massive Book that I’ve got over there you know that you know it's like this this big and it's weighs 9 kilos and all the rest of it and you sort of film tagging down how beautiful the thing is you know you hashtag that and they're all up there well you can use these examples of your product there's all the sentiment people are giving naturally you're not asking them and you can find ways to share and interact with that content and bringing back to your asset base which is your course site and your channels I mean that's that's a particular thing and then the other thing I guess is you could where people talk about stuff or give examples or help provide information where you've created a series of things that are useful you can actually repurpose those into ebooks or productions slideshows things that you can create secondary or tertiary levels of content

Edmund:                yeah

Darryl:                    from what you already created or

Edmund:                yeah

Darryl:                    you know ways

Edmund:                and and

Darryl:                    that are easier to distribute

Edmund:                yeah and I think that's one thing that we'll probably get into more detail it's just that when you think about creating this stuff I'm just thinking about ways that you can repurpose it too because it's not just for the website there are other places where you can share this especially with social now right you you could take a video you could turn that into like you said you could put video onto YouTube you could put it onto Instagram you could put onto Facebook but you can also turn the the text of it into a blog post and put it on the web on your website as well

Darryl:                    yeah

Edmund:                all these different opportunities

Darryl:                    well I think and that's probably a good thing to wrap it up what the purpose of this would say hey there’s a gazillion ways that you can produce content and and so hopefully people listening go ohh you know they've already written down three things like if you could get three things out of that list you could we’ll teach you ways to produce half or a years’ worth of content

Edmund:                yeaheheh

Darryl:                    just not answering questions alone

Edmund:                yes so

Darryl:                    you know

Edmund:                ahh yeah you can't say that I don't know what to produce we just gave you a massive list

Darryl:                    bloody oath

Ed/Darryl:             (laughing) Bloody oath

Darryl:                    so okay so so the the rules or the guidelines don't like rules, rules could be broken

Edmund:               Guidelines yes

Darryl:                    guidelines are have the plan we've been trying to set you up to think about what we're doing in the next episode when we start talking about answering customer questions and depth we're actually gonna get down to saying a little bit about well okay who for who's the question being answered for is it an existing customers all of those things see we want you to think about what you're gonna do I want you to start coming together with plans on things now what I think the homework should display is get at least three of the topics we've talked about go back listen again think about three different types of things that you feel you could make content on without too much constipation you're not gonna get too stuck on right so

Edmund:                yeah

Darryl:                    And I'm gonna say that I would imagine everyone should at the top of their list have answering customer questions or answer questions?

Edmund:                easy peasy

Darryl:                    everyone can do that because I don't believe there's a business out there that doesn't have questions that needs answer so find two more on the list that you like the idea of and we will put them in the Facebook on the post put them on the uhmm show notes on the Bloodywebsite.com comments at the bottom put your thoughts what are the things that you want to do because if the more we see similarities will produce shows around that

Edmund:                absolutely yeah let us know

Darryl:                    okay that's brilliant well I think

Edmund:                yep

Darryl:                    that's totally it for tonight

Edmund:                That’s it for awesome well thank you very much for listening if you really enjoyed today's episodes and you want to see the notes get access to the resources we talked about and get notified when new episodes go live please visit bloodywebsite.com or subscribe to the podcast at iTunes also if you enjoyed the podcast please leave a review in iTunes it really helps people find the podcast and hopefully if you enjoyed this episode we'll see you next week when we'll continue this chat about my bloody website it's goodbye from me

Darryl:                    It’s goodbye from him