19: Easy Content – Answering Customer Questions Part 2

19: Easy Content – Answering Customer Questions Part 2
In this episode, we discuss how you can create content by answering customers questions. This is part 2 of 2, we went on for quite some time on this topic and have split it into two episodes.
It's probably the easiest way to create relevant content for your site and we think we have outlined a whole list of ways you can extrapolate out the ideas to be unique and interesting.

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Darryl: Welcome to my bloody website the show where we talk all things online for small and medium business owners or executives who still refer to their bloody website. You can find all our previous episodes, show notes and links to all the resources we mention on bloodywebsite.com. I'm one of your co-hosts Darryl King

Edmund: And I’m the other one Edmund Pelgen

Darryl: Ed were back this is episode 19 people that listened last week know we had to splice it in half we actually recorded the whole thing as one big session so we're not gonna do a big intro here everyone welcome back to easy content answering customer questions part 2. So we've now got some topics, we've got an idea that yes we don't have to solve it all I think you talked about it before Ed, about the modality or okay alright I'm still am I going to write a blog post, where does it go, what am I gonna do with it, so I think we really need to cover that we need to cover people need to understand it’s easy content

Edmund: where it's gonna go

Darryl: but it's not singular necessarily

Edmund: That’s right

Darryl: so we wanna go down some examples of

Edmund: Yeah

Darryl: how we might then take a topic and turn it into content not in how I'm going to do it but what types of content and when you look at the the Google sheet that I share where I have these channels you know so the first thing is in most cases it's going to live on your website somewhere so we're gonna tick the box we say yep it's gonna live on the website but we need to clarify that a little bit too because some content suits being a page of content. You know you might suddenly realize that you don't have a page about a topic that needs to be evergreen, that needs to be directly related to a service you offer, so let's use the example of dementia you know dementia knowledge for uhmm children of parents and dementia knowledge for a patient could be two pages not blog posts they might not be transient so what I mean to people listening is a blog post will obviously go off the radar you know you show the top 10 on your blog post page and you know but once it's three months old, six months old, people have to really hunt for it

Darryl: Some of this content we want to live very visibly, it might be under a menu item as well, calls to action that get you there, so it's not all one or the other things so we have to work out you know but we know we want it on the website but then we need to say and I thought they might help it Ed if we maybe bring up some types of content topics and then say how could we use it so you know they're like you know an example might be how do I use that how do I use the pool filter not the pool filter the pool creepy-crawly and the assumption is well the guy came out and installed it and it's all working fine but you know what I actually I'm from way up here inter-state and I bought it from your website so I don't have a guy coming to install it so I need to know how to use it

Edmund: that's right

Darryl: so what would be the natural ways you would originally you would think ok audience remote customer can’t install it

Edmmund: Yep

Darryl: for themproducts so the topic is how do I install and use my creepy-crawler unit,

Edmund: Yeah

Darryl: my great white shark now what types of content could I produce from for this.

Edmund: yeah absolutely so so you know that the remote customer ultimately is going hes he's gonna have access to the Internet so we can access it any which way but from from my perspective from my experience looking at that what you just described to me uhmm that's a natural fit for video to start with

Darryl: Right

Edmund: because the guy who you know your pool technician the guy who installs this can do this stuff in his sleep and and people like, how to videos are really really powerful this is a how-to type of question I think the best way to do this is video right. So you get the pool the pool guy by the pool he has the box he says hey it's Jim from Jim’s Pool Supplies today we're going to I'm gonna show you how to put together the creepy-crawly and install it in your pool and he goes through the process but what's awesome about that is you know that video is really simple to produce we've got these great little video machines here (holds up phone) just make sure the audios good we'll talk about it but then once you've got that video done it's a simple process of actually turning that into a written blog post as well would you agree

Darryl: yeah I think I do and and you know so actually what you done there is we’ll creating an unboxing video and a how-to videoof one right

Edmund: Yeah

Darryl: so it's actually in some ways its multiple video elements just one video serving 2 purposes because  hey this what you should be getting when it turns up so you can actually when you script that you can say this is what you should find in the box

Edmund: Yeah

Darryl: and then this is how we put it together and this is how we install it

Edmund: absolutely and

Darryl: And then

Edmund: once your done yeah sorry

Darryl: and so then I guess you can make the choice is it a blog post or is it guide page

Edmund: Yes

Darryl: So is this a guide on how to use this product now so then that goes okay where would I use it so I could link it off the product buy page here's the how to video so I can look at it before I even buy it oh that looks pretty straightforward

Edmund: yeah

Darryl: so now it's got a pre-sales purpose

Edmund: yeah absolutely

Darryl: and now you find it so you go in there under the support tab it's up there so if I bought it in a literature that comes out and the email confirmation when you get a box click here watch the video show you how to set it up all the rest , so that’s support uhmm we can obviously put it on YouTube because got a YouTube channel (5:18 and it's just got to  be discovered)

Edmund: Absolutely

Darryl: how do I install an XYZ so anyone's gonna find it anyway and then that will link back now you could obviously then take that further but I guess the guide page or the blog post you could you could drag that out so you could do a guide page which is more static and you could I guess that comes down the mechanic of your website the guides could all be blog post

Edmund: correct you can never

Darryl: it really didn’t matter talk to your Dev we work that out, there's numerous ways you do it both probably valuable either way but then you could then take that a step further is that you could have a process that now people when they're doing it they do their own video related to it or their follow up say hey I just installed it here it is working I want to  thank you Bla bla blah so you get a video review that also couples into that

Edmund: yeah

Darryl: what about other social media I mean on Facebook you can obviously you could well let's get back to the page you could embed the video into the page that would be a logical thing

Edmund: yeah I might

Darryl: you could choose then you got the video and the written steps and any diagrams

Edmund: Absolutely I would I would go so far as to say that you should take that video get it transcribed right

Darryl: hmmm

Edmund: take screenshots out of the video on those different steps and create a text version a PDF version of that video as well

Darryl: like a mini ebook basically

Edmund: Yeah like a mini Ebook so they can watch the video and then you might have a link there saying, hey do  you want us toemail this cos sometimes you're talking remote people They may have crappy internet or they may just want to look at it

Darryl: download, print it and take it outside

Edmund: Yeah take it down to the pool, so you think about this you just this little unboxing / installing video you've got a video that you put onto YouTube you got a video that sits in the product section) of the website and also at the support section plus you got a PDF a little ebook version of that as well you can send out to customers as part of your support you know uhmm it has multiple uses.

Darryl: Yeah and so then I think then you get to that thing right well okay how can i what other ways can I use this content well  what about if we wanna do a promotional newsletter and we've decided that we're gonna put that particular product on special, everyone goes and puts up well you know we got this product on special but we can then add on hey if you wanna see how easy it is to install we have direct link from the email to that page or to the video and that drives “ohh that it is really easy” that helps in that pre-sales process as well

Edmund: absolutely and you know the other way you could use that too like on Facebook right now it's all about engagement and people

Darryl: Huhhhh

Edmund: are like people know what an ad looks like right

Darryl: Yeah

Edmund: so imagine you you you did a promoted post on Facebook and you put your little video there saying here's how let me show you how to install the creepy-crawly XYZ model bla bla bla some people crack up and watch that video and they see like holy moly this is awesome you know and then it just says at the end of the video if you if you like this if you wanna copy this creepy crawly  for yourself visit our website you can buy it so you just given massive value you demonstrate it you know I mean there's so many different ways you can use that piece of content

Darryl: well and I think when you're looking at the content and when you see the spreadsheet that we’ve got  off to the right of it I then have things like what am I gonna need so we now know that for this piece of content we’re  going to want video we’re going to want some written content we need images because we've just said what we might do on the post images and diagrams but we also need to think about we're gonna need images for the channels that we distribute it and I think people forget this as well and the reason I bring this up is I know this is all about easy content but doing it well requires some effort so it's still easy to do but when you put it on Facebook you need a graphic that's gonna appeal not just the default screenshot of the video with the play and it's wherever it YouTube chooses to display and it might have been you bending over to undo the box but with all you know the bum crack shot

Edmund: Yeah yeah

Darryl: instead of here's the product or whatever it might be so you're gonna need to do a facebook if you choose to distribute on Facebook and in newsletter you're probably gonna want a little graphic right)

Edmund: yeah absolutely and easy

Darryl: and it's easy to do you know but knowing that it's not one piece of content I guess is where I’m heading

Edmund: yeah absolutely and I mean look when you when you get into this process of creating content it's like anything you you do have to develop a certain level of basic competency and basic quality right not to say you have to spend  hundred and thousands of dollars on production but you’re right have good images make it easy for people to see and these are just a given right

Darryl: and we’ll do some how-tos on using things like canva or stuff like that which is free to make these sorts of images and use templates

Edmund: Absolutely

Darryl: but you know so what we've got here is we said ah well now we've got a years’ worth of content and then when we produce this one thing we can actually use it in multiple places so instead of going ah you know I’ve engaged the PR company and they're going to come up with all these things to put on my Instagram feed and my Facebook post I've actually got I’ve already got this one piece of content I can use four times

Edmund: Yeah

Darryl: so you're actually getting value out of it so and when you go down to the whole point it like editorial or rolling it out you know I promote I put a post-up or I put the page up you know we go to layer I share it on Facebook and then next month is when we've got the promo for it on special because we've got a deal from manufacturer so now that's going in the e-newsletter and on the website you know so you'd actually get to use this stuff so many times if you prepare it well that

Edmund: Yeah

Darryl: you suddenly going I've got more content than I have channels to distribute it on

Edmund: yeah

Darryl: like you can quickly get that way if you think this way about it

Edmund: and you know we're still only on asking questions

Darryl: I know we didn’t even touch all of them so like what we can do with hey how much does your product cost there's another question

Edmund: oh look

Darryl: Someone would say to the sales guy or ring out and say you know we look I heard about your look I’m they ring their lawyer right they ring their lawyer we had Brendan Long)on a while back and talking about stuff and we want a privacy policy, I’m a start-up entrepreneur I’ve got this great thing I need a privacy policy and terms conditions how much does it cost and that's the question that comes in well you know how does the lawyer or how does that person that gets a phone call that’s a pretty common one, you could pre answer this, particularly if there's not necessarily a direct answer if it’s a service

Edmund: Uhhh

Darryl: it’s trickyright?

Edmund: exactly and I think a lot of people, this is the opportunity for a lot of people uhmm especially when it comes to talking about prices and costs a lot of companies don't want to share that information it like ahh let's come into the shop and let me talk to you right it’s the old used car salesman analogy right uhmm so what that basically means is if no one's writing about it then when you write about you'll be the first person to get found and discovered and the fact that you're sharing it and you're honest is it builds trust right so yeah I mean and no doubt we would we would have you would hope that questions about price and cost would have come up during that brainstorming session but it’s really critical its one of the key ones you should write about

Darryl: if its if its complex the way we talk about the pool one you know in the US Marcus Sheridan people won’t  talk about the price pool cos we it depends on the Land you’re on and all that) well that’s an opportunity I guess so you say okay we have a complex service offerring right

Edmund: Yeah

Darryl: some one could come to me and say  so how much does a website cost well okay how long is piece of string and

Edmund: That’s right

Darryl: I always used to say well is it a two or three story McMansion with marble bathrooms and all sorts of things and a big deck and spa and all that or is it like a one-bedroom sort of batch shack up the beach because fundamentally they're both houses or both accommodations

Edmund: Hmm

Darryl: but they're fundamentally different so two websites and not exactly the same oh it's just four pages well four pages of what so the way that you can answer that is to talk about well the questions you have to answer first so for me I say well do you have a brief or a scope you need to have a plan around that which will draw outline how many pages in the functionality because certain functionality costs more than other are you gonna write their content yourself or do you need someone to help produce it yeah so all of these factors come in so if you articulate that and answer that question by saying what are the sub questions that need to be answered for this topic

Edmund: Yeah

Darryl: again you produce one master piece of content and maybe three or four blog posts I could do a video

Edmund: Yeah

Darryl: you answer question to say here's the sort of things I would get you to answer if you said to me what’s my website is gonna cost you know

Edmund: yeah

Darryl: and I could lead through it

Darryl: I could an infographic right we could do an infographic

Darryl: that says hey you need to ah you do this this this this there you go web then you go to shop have you got this yeah

Edmund: yeah no and and I think I think another another if I take that to the next level to what other because what we talk about  here is we're talking about key questions that you should have I mean yes they'll be at in discovery session but these the ones you should be you talking about price and cost that's really critical and I know Marcus Sheridan talks a lot about this but he also does these big ones about comparison like if you if you have if you only bulid web WordPress websites uhh why is WordPress better than Joomla or things like that so comparisons comparisons whys one better than the other I would also talk about

Darryl: okay I’ll say hang on one sec stop so how would we out put that what’s the format I would do that in so the first I think about is we'll probably have a table of content So I guess This is the thing is If I’m out there listening I wanna do a comparison I want to compare Website types I’m a web agency so what the good way to do that so a table

Edmund: Table

Darryl: would be part of it probably want some written content to introduce it

Edmund: some features

Darryl: maybe some links and references from I dont know things that talk about the number of these types of CMS's used around the world

Edmund: yep

Darryl: there's been some independent third-party reviews on performance and speed and security and you could bring in uhmm to be able or share on social media

Edmund: mmm absolutely absolutely so that's that's that's a great way of laying it understanding the question and the nature of the  format a lot of people wanna read it I also think that another great way a piece of content that you should write out the question answer is how does your product or service solve a problem that a customer has and actually just lay it out you know some people will say well how is this new WordPress website gonna get me business right

Darryl: okay so then well then okay how is this gonna give me business or how is it so that become a marketing question right

Edmund: yeah oh but also maybe maybe I don't to sort of make it a marketing question that's some some people's products

Darryl: Well okay use a strategy how will this WordPress website make it easier for us to update our manage the site ourselves so you could then produce content so what type of content will we produce in their scenario so we could write a post about it we could have a guide we could actually do a guide about the three five seven ways that WordPress makes it easier showing screenshots and stuff so people can look at it and go oh that's much easier than how I do it now

Edmund: yes

Darryl: because that's what you're trying to answer right trying to show that you can do a walk-through video

Edmund: mmm

Darryl: like a screen share video like we show them how the backend works how easy it is to add a new post

Edmund: Yep

Darryl: Oh easy changes staff member on this site you could do that what other types of content could you produce around that

Edmund: uhmmm reviews I mean people

Darryl: So you like testimonials from clients that have solved that problem so you get that written or video or both

Edmund: it just depends on the industry to some extent but at the end of the day a lot of people like to see written reviews but uhmm

Darryl: we will then include them so that would lead us the thing that a piece of content that we're producing for this topic like is probably a written piece but if but if we're gonna do like a PDf Guide the testimonials will fit in there no problem at all

Edmund: Yeah

Darryl: on a webpage it will fit if we were marketing true them so say we said okay I now have a group of people that I can send an email to that have this problem or I think that that's one of the problems that they need answers to so we could send an email out that says you know in your sequence that said uhmm why WordPress uhmm is generally easier to use than most content management systems and in that email so that might show one of those testimonials written we found it so much easier and then here watch the video where we talk to them and here's a guide on it so I guess that's what I'm trying to go yeah we could come up with the topics but we wanna make sure that our audience is understanding how they're not just all blog posts or they're not just all videos that the purpose of answering that question is they all have a slightly different flavor of how you use them and that in your topic on your spreadsheet you gonna go oh I want it on written oh

Edmund: oh yeah absolutely

Darryl: so you know what how does it solve and that's one problem right so

Edmund: that's right

Darryl: that client that potential client might have six problems before they buy so you could then produce an email sequence that each one answers each of them

Edmund: Correct

Darryl: so that connects another way of producing content they go into an automation sequence they get one how is this better than Joomla 2 what options do I get for upgrading whatever they might be that you came up to answers those question

Edmund: hmm absolutely there's another one that I think is really quite interesting is that you know what we've a lot of thing we been talking about is sort of product and service help related questions Uhmm I saw this great suggestion where someone said you should list the seven reasons why someone would not buy from your business right

Darryl: (laughing)

Edmund: think about why someone would not buy from you and then make sure you address it on the website write a blog post that deals with it so for example someone might someone might not buy from you because you're the most expensive service provider in your market well

Darryl: there’s a great example of this there’s a billboard around Brisbane that I love and it’s from Uhmm I can’t remember the name but it’s Brisbane’s worst vegetarian restaurant

Edmund: (laughing)

Darryl: there's a picture of a cow on there they are renowned steak restaurant but for the last 8-10 years these billboards everywhere of Brisbane's worst vegetarian restaurant right

Edmund: That’s alright

Darryl: and that's a reason why you don't go there if you're vegetarian you do not go to this pub right

Edmund: what a great example of pre-qualifying right your customer

Darryl: Yeah I know just I’m going to say is you've heard me talk about how you qualify people and that the when you build a website you can help avoid problems by qualifying your audience

Edmund: yeah

Darryl: and your JENNY in leading them down and but you could do that like you know Our minimum buy-in from uhmm ahh conversion optimization experts the guys out of the UK

Edmund: yep

Darryl: their stuff I can’t I can’t remember them right

Edmund: conversion rate experts Yep

Darryl: conversion rate experts that’s it a lot of their marketing says if you want to use us you must be turning over three million dollars three million pounds a year or your minimum Ad spend must be 250 thousand pounds per annum or something like that

Edmund: Yeah

Darryl: they Set these really high numbers these are the clients we work with so there one would be look if you only earn you know if you only spend 30 grand a year you wouldn't buy from us you know

Edmund: that’s right

Darryl: I think it’s an awesome way of doing it

Edmund: but this seven reasons why someone would buy from you isn’t just a pre-qualifying let try that again It not even a pre-qualifying question it's more uhmm you're you're preparing to deal with the objections because people are gonna say oh you too expensive I don't understand your process uhmm whatever that is you've you've got something you've thought about it and you've written content on your site that is addressing the objection in advance so that a salesman doesn’t have to saywell the reason why we're so expensive is because we actually have much more comprehensive process you know were not like this fly by nighters so that you know I mean so you've got that there so so that's that's it's just challenging challenging you to think about the perspective of your customer and why they wouldn't buy from you it's another interesting piece of content I thought

Darryl: yeah okay so I think what the goal of this this lengthy sessions that we've done here about this is answer customer questions is a wealth of opportunity it's a rich uhmm area to get lots and lots of content that not just for the sake of producing content it's actually content that's gonna help you achieve results in your business it's because it's the content the audience's you should be targeting on line, want our answers too they want you to put this effort in and then they will engage with you more and trust you more and get now if they take your content and go off somewhere else they were going to do that anyway they weren't going to buy from you don't do it well enough then maybe you won’t get them so you have to put in the effort so the effort here is create the plan list them out line it up and start getting help and determining which ways I'm going to deliver the content so the purpose of talking about easy content answering questions wasn't just to say alright do a FAQ page or don't do FAQ page you used to say that there are so many ways you can answer this question now look get started put an FAQ page up and instead of you know the FAQ you just being two paragraphs you could do it where every one of them is a blog post and that so the FAQ page is a top-level page that links the blog post that would still be better than the old school FAQ page If youre not gonna do anything else

Edmund: That’s right

Darryl: because you’ll be forced to write 500 words or 800 words for each post and that would be great but we want to challenge you to take that a step further and that answering questions doesn't just fill in blogs or Facebook posts it gives you ways or It gives you an understand how to create video, it gives you ideas to make better content for static pages on your site and it really helps you understand what your customers are after.

Edmund: but but but the most important thing is the fact that you created it at all right even if you screw up putting it on the website it doesn't look great you could you can round the horses back and when you do a version 2.0

Darryl/Ed: yeah yeah fix it later yeah yeah

Edmund: create it get it done start producing it because anything done is better than thinking about it and never getting it done

Darryl: so so lining it up well what what would be a great thing for people to do is get their copy of the spreadsheet start laying it out get some stuff in there if you want us to look at it send it over we'll try and uhmm answer them you just share it with us send it through and we can look at them and challenge you to dig into it deeper but then you can start to do hey I've produced you know five blog posts in the last two months we've got two videos up on YouTube and we've actually had all this extra content to put on Facebook and you know what people have been engaging more simply because

Edmund: absolutely

Darryl: you've got a focus and you’ve got some target so I think that's pretty cool ED and where we're gonna go with this next is uhmm

Darryl: this has been two episodes this has been a lengthy process to go over answering customer questions and we're gonna go into other types of content later but I know in the next episode that we're coming up with gunna do  a how-to on producing video uhmm with your smart phone for business so not like me with the friends having you know doing an Instagram post you know it's how you use your smart phone for business video to get quality to look  professional enough that will work and I think it's important because we've talked a lot about video in these last couple of episodes and there's a lot of power

Edmund: absolutely and and it's really important what we'll do is we'll show you some simple tools and techniques show you how to get it done quickly what what and what you need to focus on so that it's the best quality that can be and we’ll also link to you to you to some awesome resources and other creators who are doing great jobs of teaching people how to do this as well and it's really important literally the power on this iPhone it to produce video and content is above and beyond anything that existed even two years ago

Darryl: yeah and look Ed's really great at this people and you'll find it great so make sure you turn up for that it'll be really good so go out there get this spreadsheet made out and hopefully start producing some content but we hope you get a lot out of these last two episodes we’re hoping you now got you know a whole year's worth of (

Edmund: there’s a whole ton of ideas

Darryl: you can start creating way better content on your websites I think it was great thanks Ed that’s some great ideas in there

Edmund: no I think it’s really important you know we haven't even talked about all this SEO  spammy content that your agency’s been telling you to do this is stuff that is important for the business it's important for your customers

Darryl: hmm

Edmund: and it's stuff that you you know and you are the best person to create it for no-one can can create stuff like you guys can right that's awesome what do you reckon Darryl Is that it for today

Darryl: I reckon

Edmund: awesome so thanks again for listening we've really enjoyed having you here this was a great 2-parter I really enjoyed these two if you wanna see the show notes and get access to the spreadsheet that Darryl talked about or get notified when new episode go live visit my let's do that again bloodywebsite.com or subscribe to us on iTunes if you enjoyed the podcast once again please leave a review it's wonderful and it really helps people discover the podcast and we hope to see you next week when we'll continue to chat about my bloody website and start teaching you how to make some awesome video base content it's goodbye from me

Darryl: It’s goodbye from him