We’re a couple of old Internet Hacks that have done a few things over the years. We still help people build out online assets and market them and come across many frustrated or confused people working in businesses that aren’t getting the right info when they need it.

We’ve been threatening to collaborate on a video or podcast series for a while, and finally, we decided on this.

Yes, the name is very Australian in its own way, bugger it we swear if we have to, rant and rave when needed and work all day in t-shirts. Hopefully, you’ll find something useful here as we take a journey discussing all the things that come up day to day for people working online.

Darryl King

Darryl still owns and runs his Ireckon Web Agency based in Brisbane, Australia. These days it’s very different to when it had a central office with 40 staff.

He recently published The Complete Website Planning Guide which was an accumulation of years trying to get the right brief from clients, and realising there weren’t many tools in existence to help either site owners planning a site or agencies looking for a template to use.

He’s been building sites large and small with businesses internationally since the mid 90’s and continues working on special projects, running workshops and seminars on making websites work better for organisations.


Edmund Pelgen

Edmund is the founder of OnlineKickstart.com, an SEO consultancy based on the Sunshine Coast of Australia.

He lives there with his practical wife and four kids.

Having been the co-founder of a traditional digital agency, Edmund left the bright lights for something more personal.

He has been a business owner and operated businesses in technology, training, retail and hospitality and even did a stint in the USA during the dot-com boom. (Yes he’s that old)

He sold pigs for a while and was once, many years ago the worlds worst chartered accountant for a big 6 accounting firm that has since changed its name.

Nowadays he enjoys helping business owners leverage SEO and Content strategies in a sustainable way that won’t result in them burning the house down.

He also loves talking about himself in the third person.