16: Practical Link Building Strategies Every Business Should be Doing

16: Practical Link Building Strategies Every Business Should be Doing
Link building is one of the most important elements of ranking your website but many businesses ignore the simple, easy to get links they can build. In todays episode, we talk practical link building strategies every business should be doing.

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Darryl:                    Welcome to My Bloody Website, the show we'll talk all things online for small and medium business owners or executives who still refer to "their bloody websites." As you know you can find all our previous episodes, show notes, and links to all the resources we mention on these podcast on BloodyWebsite.com easy to remember Bloodywebsite.com Take it to the website you can find all previous episodes, show notes, resources (00:22) Welcome to the show; I’m one of your co-hosts Darryl King.

Edmund:                And I’m Edmund Pelgen

Darry:                      How are you Edmund?

Edmund:                hey Darryl; You know it funny uhhh I I wonder if any of our Punters and listeners out there ahh think that Bloody website is a little bit too Swasey; it’s so Australian isn’t it?

Darryl:                    It is how often

Edmund:                Hahaha

Darryl:                    it is and you know what it’s, that a good (00:45 end to lend with it) why why do we do it Well behind the scenes behind the closed doors (00:53and many businesses)

Edmund:                (laughing) 

Darryl:                    these all referred to their website ahh follow that: that thing they say worst around the world

Edmund:                worst around the world

Darryl:                    roll there eyes or no; l that's an IT thing I don’t think about it and it's and that's wrong and that's why we used bloody in it it's to get your attention and go look it's not that hard you might have bad emotions about it look there are a little things you can do and turn it into something that's really good and it is very Australian and we're here in Australia recording this every week mostly we're gonna have to do an overseas one here well that's what we have to do

Edmund:                I'm up for that

Darryl:                    yeah but oh yeah it is and let's  let’s continue on to make it not a bloody website but a fantastic website that's working for your business which this week we're gonna get hands on tactical we're going to do so so the last three episodes have been heavily focused on the content topic and we have talked a lot about prepping for content and we're gonna continue that but one of the things you do with the content one of the whole ways of getting found has a lot to do do with uhhh SEO it's always been a key factor it doesn't look like it's going away anytime soon and that is building links to your website now before ED gets all;  ticket on everyone

Edmund:                (Smile)

Darryl:                    its flags over stuff I have been asked what do you mean by a link and I'm gonna answer our link is the thing you click on on one web site that goes to a page or another website and we want links from other websites to find and ask now good quality websites and all that if you don't know that go back to the very early episodes listen to Ed talk about what links are (2:34 have it work) but it hasn't changed every website means links they'll need more quality links over time because there's more of their competitors listen to the show and other shows like it they're gonna build more links so it's you know it's not an end game oh I got 47 links I 450 links

Edmund:                yeah

Darryl:                    that’s not mean and the quality can change over time so you do need links you need it to improve your website you need to do it today tomorrow and the day after you need someone in your organization to start building a few links

Edmund:                yeah

Darryl:                    today today ED is gonna run you through the show which we're calling practical and building strategies every business should (3:13 be doing)

Edmund:                yeah excellent well before I get into the detail of that I should point out that that there was a great blog post written by a gentleman called Dan Petrovitch who used to runs who who runs an SEO company called Dejan in Brisbane

Darryl:                    Dejan?

Edmund:                it was it was the the I think it was the nine it was a the fundamental reasons why people link right and and reading that blog post and I'll link to it in the resource notes here helps you understand what it's all about because sometimes when we talk about links people just glaze over because they just don't get it but like like you said it's the thing you click on but at the end of that if you understand why people link right you know one of them is might be they might share something that was interesting or funny right or they provide attribution hey I read this you can click on here and go and read it over there so understanding why people link will help you think about how you can use your marketing in your activities to attract more links right because it's not aiii discrete I'll do it once and forget about it you should try to build in link building as part of your traditional marketing so the things that you do if you can do them in a way that ends up having someone on another website linking to your website then that will raise improve your search engine rankings that's the whole point of this

Darryl:                    in this (4:22 search and drill) whole content story so if we go back and we say well we're trying to get people to our website so that's a goal it's a (4:29 ROI you want) use it content for this particular audience if you will need to say well this side over here has my audience and it's of course I I could produce this thing that they talked about I have expertise in that they will write up about and link to my resource on my website or summary

Edmund:                (4:50?)

Darryl:                    I already said so this is where the bigger picture starts to come together (4:54)

Edmund:                yeah and

Darryl:                    Right; Let’s not beat around the bush let's get down to brass tax Ed what is strategy action tactic number one

Edmund:                all right so these are gonna be very fundamental simple things that you can do without getting too complex right so you cannot accuse us of being too oh it's too complicated it's a fancy strategy



Darryl:                    okay Ed number one what's the number one Ed what's the first thing what's the first strategy

Edmund:                yes or the first link building strategy should do is submit your business to all of the relevant local business directories right?

Darryl:                    what's a local business directories Ed tell me what it’s; I don’t understand what is it?

Edmund:                a local business directory is the directory that lists local businesses it's that simple right in Australia we got

Darryl:                    (7:45 give me an example like you mean like you mean like true local)

Edmund:                Yellow Pages true local in Australia hot frog there's a bunch of them around right every country has

Darryl:                    Yelp?

Edmund:                their own Yelp you know just do a Google search for top local business directories in your city or your country and no doubt someone would have written about it and listed a bunch of them right just go and list!!!!

Darryl:                    So you say submit how do I submit them

Edmund:                go to the website they'll typically be an option to list my business and go through that process of filling in your business details one thing I'm gonna recommend is you make sure that the way you list your business and the address and the phone number is consistent amongst all those submissions as well as on your website so only because name address phone number consistency helps Google understand how all of these listings are about this business right it matches them up and it's easy so you’ll that's what you do list your business and local business

Darryl:                    okay protip what it's talking about is known as a local citation we'll talk about that later so keeping all that down at the same it smells like a citation cool

Edmund:                yes

Darryl:                    number two Ed what strategy number two

Edmund:                a strategy number two is once you've taken care of all the general business directories is every industry has their own niche directories a good example is restaurant

Darryl:                    Sorry Ed?

Edmund:                restaurants right

Darryl:                    Right

Edmund:                there are a ton of restaurant related directories and they don't call themselves directories per se a lot of them are discovery sites you know like bean hunter for example four coffee shops things like that so do a search for

Darryl:                    and tourism like trip advisor (9:13)

Edmund:                Exactly

Darryl:                    Yeah

Edmund:                Exactly

Darryl:                    okay

Edmund:                to find those all you need to do is go to Google and do a search for top travel or what it replace that with your industry top travel directories in my country and you'll find a ton

Darryl:                    And anyway pretty much the same thing is somewhere on the side where you can submit your business Yeah

Edmund:                Absolutely and remember you know leave a link to your website inevitably they'll have an option to leave a link make sure you fill it out completely if they give you the option to put in photos make sure it's full right

Darryl:                    (4:43 okay well that that’s great number three what’s number 3 what’s about the strategy common; try it up Ed)

Edmund:                number 3 is kind of crosses over with PR and there are two websites out there called Haro help a reporter out right and another one called sauce bottle now these websites help journalists who are looking for people to comment about a story or provide feedback right so journalist out there I've got a story they they need an industry expert to say something so if you got a haro or sauce bottle and sign up every day they'll send you a newsletter saying hey we've got a reporter in the health and wellness space who needs an expert to make a comment about uhmm whatever the topic is right now if you're quick all you need to do is ah make your comment right back they'll give you instructions and tell you what to do we need someone didn't make this comment so if you are efficient if you're smart you you're insightful and you're an industry expert then choose the one you want to comment on mmp ah provide that journalist with ahh insightful snippet that they can use in their story and then obviously they'll ask you what your business is your website and what happens then is if you if your comment gets picked up they may link back to your website and hence you just built a link back to your website and you've got in front of

Darryl:                    that’s fantastic

Edmund:                a bunch of punters it's that easy

Darryl:                    (11:00 wait Ed right right Right just a piece of advice that good for special business area is that don't necessarily have lots of directors what a great piece of advice Ed)

Edmund:                yep

Darryl:                    what about fourth topic what's another topic?

Edmund:                absolutely

Darryl:                    (11:09 or why)

Edmund:                so another great way of building links is to leave testimonials for some of your suppliers now I'll give an example let's say you had uhh uhhh an equipment supplier to your business uhm and their technology or their system was really great and you notice on their website that they actually listed customer testimonials and oh lucky for you they actually link back to their customers websites well if and I'm not saying you lie about it but if you enjoy their product if it's doing great things for you why don't you leave them a great testimonial and send that testimonial off to their marketing person say hey we really love this stuff here's a test amount of your website and inevitably if they're publishing good testimonials that publish yours and give you a link easy

Darryl:                    (11:50 nice one excellent next one _______ what have we got)

Edmund:                next one maybe a little bit more tricky but it's effectively copying your competitors links now this one requires a little bit more understanding on how to look at the competitors links but

Darryl:                    yes let say this one this one stand a little bit technical

Edmund:                well the the the the easy way to do this is most people have a marketing agency or they might have an SEO agency there and you can ask them say hey use your tools to show me all the competitors links and they'll send you a big spreadsheet and you can have a sticky peek at them alternatively you could go to a website called ahrefs.com I know this one's a little bit complex but there is a website called  ahrefs.com and you can sign up for

Darryl:                    We’ll link it on the show notes

Edmund:                yep

Darryl:                    (we’ll link it 12:31)

Edmund:                all that all that is is a link analysis tool you can stick in your competitor's website right look at all of their links and go holy moly look they've got a they've got a link from this blog or a link from this blog and that just tells you where you can go and replicate their links

Darryl:                   cool okay what something else what’s another one;

Edmund:               yep

Darryl:                    that you’re all up to now that up to number 6 what have we got

Edmun:                   so the next one is what they call guest blogging now uhh good old people in the SEO space tend to spam the crap out of these strategies but in a lot of industries there is still good opportunities for you to guest blog now all that basically means is you writing a bit of content for a blog or an industry newspaper or an online magazine well they'll republish your article right these websites they need good helpful interesting articles all the time so if you're a good writer you've got something valuable to say you've got some insight into the industry and you think would be uhh a fit for their website you can typically find on their websites they might have a section that says write for us and they'll give you uhmm their requirements and just follow the instructions write a good helpful piece of unique content and submit it to those websites and if they pick it up and publish it. (13:47 they’ll never to believe the link back to your website)

Darryl:                    Great excellent whats the next one Ed what have we got, another strategy;

Edmund:                yeah excellent okay so the next one might be uhmm publishing helpful resource pages or content that is helpful to your industry now what what might this be it might be a good a good example in the building space might be a uhh tool or a guide to calculating cyclone or tornado storm ratings for buildings and things like that right uhh inevitably people might see that as the go-to resource if you write it well enough if it's comprehensive enough right people tend to link to it because they're lazy most people and they don't want to create their own versions

Darryl:                    and this is a bit of variation from attraction for retail or your customer this is more about your peers about creating something and and putting the other than anyone can use right

Edmund:                yeah

Darryl:                    but it's this strategy is about painting links to your content

Edmund:                that's right so your

Darryl:                    but the purpose of this is a little bit different to bringing a customer in for another reason

Edmund:                that's right and it's important to remember that because your audience in this case is other people in your space who might be able to leave you a link because remember we're we're trying to build links here

Darryl:                    uhh ahh I might jump in for that one then so there's a really important part about the measurement thing on what it is on the ROI because if you produce that resource which is really an industry resource but try to push it to your Jenny who's your customer you will get a real negative ROI on that and you'll wonder why and you'll lose heart and you do the wrong things so that goes back to this thing about really understanding the audience understanding the goal so we're trying to get for the content so when we go to produced it commonly understand it great ideas Ed you got any more off your sleeves

Edmund:                yeah there's this this another strategy that you can use it's called unlinked brand dimensions wow isn't that fancy cool industry terminology now all that basically means is

Darryl:                    (15:33 is there acronyms in there)?

Edmund:                I know well if you're if you're a business that does a lot of cool stuff uhmm in your in your market uhmm people tend to to write about you you might be picked up in news stories or on blogs that write about your product or what you're doing you know you might be a social enterprise where you're uhmm helping a lot of people out and people tend to share and write about those sorts of businesses well if you just keep an eye on mentions of your business name so every month do a Google search for your business name and see where people are writing about you right so Google's pretty pretty fast to to surface new content so let's

Darryl:                    (16:07 how is that how that link how is that link can do ________?)

Edmund:                Yeah absolutely so what you wanna do is you you you do a search for these your business name and if you see someone's written something about you go and have a read of it and sometimes they will have link to your website right but sometimes they haven't right so when they say it's an unlinked brand to mention it means someone's written about your brand or your business and they haven't left the link to your website well it's pretty easy for you then to email them and say hey so you mentioned us and if it was a positive story that's really easy to do say hey thank you I really appreciate you taking time to write about us uhhm  hey if you want here's a here's another resource on our website we'd love it if you could share with the readers of your blog or your story

Darryl:                    (16:48???)

Edmund:                and that way those people they'll appreciate the fact that you've contact them and said hey awesome thanks for mentioning us and they may very well include that link to either your website or the resource you give them and in here's the thing the the best thing is to try to have something of value to ask them to link to right if you just say straight it's like hey give us a link to you to our website for no reason other than your SEO

Darryl:                    Yeah

Edmund:                then we won't do it so try to add value

Darryl:                    (17:14 yeah yeah most of the emails you know

Edmund:                yeah

Darryl:                    emails you don’t get ___ a little bit like that okay great ideas anymore we just got three most of them)

Edmund:                yeah I think I've got one last one on what you're seeing a lot of traction lately where uhmm you if you're running a blog and you write about your industry you write about news in your space uhmm what is working well for some people is that they will write a story about industry developments or other other people in their business not necessarily competitors but people in you know uhmm similar areas and they might say hey this company is doing really amazing things in this space right or there here here are the top four companies that you should visit for whatever it is right now you can then reach out to those companies and tell them said hey look we we published a blog post about the top 10 leading businesses in the marketing space or this space whatever it is and what happens typically is a lot of those companies would like to share on their own blogs right mentions of their company they might write up a blog post the next day on their news section and say hey we got listed on entrepreneur.com you know here's a story that you can read about our business right and by doing that they'll typically link back to the original story now I say this and I expect you to be authentic about it and not create BS stories just for the purpose of links so what you want to do because this is what I SEOs do right so you want to look at opportunities where you can mix authentic sharing for your audience as well as you know what I mean so it's real right and and those are the best

Darryl:                    Yeah

Edmund:                opportunities where you're creating things of value and you're reaching out and making those connections and hopefully you'll pick up a link as well so these those those link building strategies that I've given you are very simple very easy to do your marketing person can just add it to their to-do list every Monday or every Friday to go through this checklist and in fact I have a Trello board a resource with a whole bunch of actionable SEO strategies that we will attach to the resource notes in this episode where all of these are

Darryl:                    All of those

Edmund:                there and I've got PDFs and checklists that show people how to do all of these things

Darryl:                    Ed that just awesome and people like but if you never use Trello you might not have clue but when you go there you'll see it it's a really easy way to list stuff and use if you're familiar with it he's got a whole board of action (19:41 board and I think that what is that what is certainly is

Edmund:                Darryl?

Darryl:                    all about; we wanna know why if you’re on board. I you want

Edmund:                Darryl?)

Darryl:                    your website to perform better online Yeah

Edmund:                stop stop stop stop can you can you start if you never use Trello just there cuz it the the connection was dodgy then the recordings

Darryl:                    yeah so

Edmund:                no good let me; so just let me just check one thing on

Darryl:                    (19:58___)

Edmund:                I just have yeah I'm just checking to make sure no one's doing anything dodgy because it you just got a bit flaky so just say hey people if you're interested in Trello this from that point on uhmm 30 seconds come on light up you bastard all right let's it's clear okay do you mind

 Darryl:                   Yeah and if you don’t know what trello is that you might not understand what it's it you click it it opens up the board it's a whole list of a (20:27trello board____) stuff if you don't feel like it's a great resource and you can save a copy all copy and and save a copy of this trello board with your own Trello and there's just all these different things you can do this episode is very clearly about things you can do now one thing once a week do one of these things like I like (20:51 just I always use to have coach) junior NFL and AFL Ozzy Australian rules football they talk about 1% and lots of other sports have advice and they talk about making one percent change and I've used this for whereas you know you approve or you so you do the things that the little one percent is they don't necessarily stand out as a big noticeable thing but if everyone's doing little one percent’s and doing these extra little things that are then there might just be creating a shepherd you know blocking someone it's not as certain  measured as a step but that guy gets away on your website if you go to one link every week one local driven one of these tickets once a week you will get long-term benefits not today not tomorrow not next week but they will start to take an effect so here is one of the things we wanted to achieve with this podcast  waste no (21:45____) flavor simple ways/waste you don't have to pay for them you heard them from a horse's mouth mr. ed Uhmm that's an old joke for old people

Edmund:                laughing

Darryl:                    (21:53………..Mr. Ed was) but yeah you can do there are nine article link buildingstrategies its given go and do them now

Edmund:                if I can just put out a little warning there though I mean cuz people get these emails every day hey would you like a thousand links for 99 bucks don't do that right anything that's automated or spammy like that you're just gonna create fake links that will will get your site penalized Google's smarter than that Google will will will put you in the doghouse if you do that dodgy stuff so don't do those things right Google believe they're ignore them or penalize just

Darryl:                    And I and I think the other part of this I’m working on the assumption Ed that the people that are listening to this who haven't already done these things they're not going to go one Friday and do every one of them and create (22:42_______ this is a strategy________) chip away at and get it done and then I won't fix with with your needs and other than ten days you want it this is a long-term series of things but they're actionable today Ganju one of them

Edmund:                excellent that's it

Darryl:                    Ed Ed Ed excellent advice Ed great that's what we're here for today's episode was totally about action Uhmm coming up we've got some really cool advanced more thorough content where these things you can do ideas to implement so you're gonna get more and more of these practical steps uhh that we've got coming up and there might be one episode on one type of content that you can do and why and (23:22 how you could put them on your website and how you could get the value of it today)

Edmund:                awesome thank you very much for listening today we love having you along for the ride if you want to see these show notes and get access to the resource we talked about they will be at the bottom of these posts on bloodywebsite.com or remember to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and if you enjoyed this podcast please leave a review especially there's a link building one you know it's gonna be helpful and and actionable so please

Darryl:                    Absolutely

Edmund:                leave a review it helps people find their podcast we hope to see you next week when you we will be talking about all of these awesome things that Daryl just mention and we'll continue this chat about my bloody website it's goodbye from me

Darryl:                    it's goodbye from him