Ep 23: Site Review

Ep 23: Site Review
In this episode we get down and practical with a site review of a local painting company called Lionhart Painters

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Darryl:                    Hi I'm Darryl King a web agency owner who's been working in strategy design and development for more than 20 years my partner Ed Pelgen an SEO specialist who has been running his online marketing agency for just as long and we get together weekly to talk about all things online especially for small and medium business owners or executives who still refer to their bloody website each week we aim to tackle a range of online issues and put them in plain language so anyone can understand how to make their website work better for their business today is episode 23 and we are doing a first which is a website review we're gonna do a review of lionhartpainters.com.au welcome Ed

Edmund:                Hey Darryl how are you

Darryl:                    good mate yes so, different format today well it was a suggestion I made to Ed that we felt it would be really useful to talk about a website from the outside in something that needed a bit of love and attention and to help people understand how the two of us and other people in our/their industry might look at this site and make decisions in the evaluate how it’s performance

Edmund:                excellent I think it added massive value too Darryl

Darryl:                    I hope so

Edmund:                so why don't you tell us about this site today where you found it and what it's all about

Darryl:                    ok now for those listening because that's the main format of this we're not screen sharing the site we're not gonna to actually do stuff on screen in the video so you won't get extra value in YouTube but what we will do is we will do some screenshots and notes and things and link to them in the resources so that people can have a bit of a look and have a look at the site and monitor it as we make changes to it so a bit of background the site owner of this Steve thanks for letting us do this in public for you mate this is a site that's been thrown my way just recently and asked for a bit of love and attention and the site is Lionhartpainters.com.au you this is a commercial and domestic painter or a house painter based in Brisbane who has a specific target of the north side of Brisbane predominantly he's got a website kind of blend with him he hadn't headed that way originally but he ended up with one and then he has been thinking about it and listening to things like this podcast on things. Hey do something with this site for me and we have I have done a couple of little things to it initially just to set the foundations and then we might just go hard at it

Edmund:                well I reckon I reckon why don't you start by telling us what your initial impression was and just start listing out all the problems the issues that you see with this website you know I know you can be very passionate about it so don't don't don't raise the voice too much but feel free to dig in

Darryl:                    okay well what I will say is there is a couple of things that have been done already so one of the initial reasons that this came to me is the site was not under HTTPS so it didn't have a security certificate wasn't running that way and I stressed to Steve that he need to get that so if that's been done I discovered there were no Google Analytics on the site so we added that and there's a couple of tiny little things that have been done to make it better one of those things was a performance plugin so I use WP fastest cache but just to get the basics working better that was done now those have been done in the last couple of months the few bits and pieces there's a few other little things going but that's just to set things off so that we know exactly you know not everything is is fresh a couple of things have been done but those are things that you need to look at does your site load under HTTPS that's first thing and the second thing to check on that is if you type it without the HTTPS does it redirect to the HTTPS correctly or do you end up with stuff not redirecting properly so that's probably the first thing I when I first saw is like dude, dude theirs it's not secure you'll get it secure you need to get that thing happening

Edmund:                Alright

Darryl:                    and that's something we did and then we found these other things Google Analytics really easy first I'm gonna do view source you know this is before it was even handed to me there's no Google Analytics on you've got to have Google Analytics you can't learn anything if we don't know what's going on so that was added now obviously you have to have access to do that the rest moving forward we'll probably just talk about I did talk about the plug In I put in a speed plugin and the site went from F in GT metrics like red up to its now green like it runs at 94% a load times one point two seconds and it's under a Meg in file size can I look at him go there's not a lot going on it still seems a bit big but we'll look at that but it was definitely running pretty ordinary back late last year it was running a couple of a couple of second slow time it was down at 72% so it wasn't all bad it was sort of in the orange e mark and that's where it was whereas now it's sitting up setting up a lot higher so that's a good thing okay let's run through what we see first things I see that this is heavily brand focused and what I mean by that is we've got their logo right in the middle front and center hey look at us we've got a brand now that's a lot of wasted space to me that's that's something that's just not a logical place to stick to your logo the logo needs to live in us or a brand segment typically they'll be done in the header you know top left draws me up what is in the top left I've got a misaligned phone and social set of function so yeah I don't mind that those things are up the top to allow them to do us that has been we have made the phone number a tell link or a telephone link so that if you're on a phone device that you could touch it and then we'll just go call that's the only one on the site that is like that so that's something that needs to be done as well if you got a phone number they need to be the suitable links that they can be called on phones easily or you can click on them but that's really kind of in the wrong place we don't really want those so one of the first things would be let's restructure this and get the logo up out of the main page area get it up there, menu bar all of those things fine you know they're there none of it at the top tells me anything apart from the logo says Lionhart Painters so we know that we're dealing with painters I'd want that word to be clear I wanna make sure I knew the word clear was painter the logo you can't obviously change that necessarily because of the blue and the white the relationship so we've got to reinforce what we do as soon as we get down into this primary section so that I'm looking at this photo and I'm going well what does it represent it's dark and moody so it looks like there's a storm rolling in or it's had some color layer filter to it that's not sending me the right signals I’ve just had a house painted it should be bright fresh and spoke I need to see the detail I need to feel warm and fuzzy about it so the choice of photo to me doesn't really do a lot I realize it's probably at night I'm shocked because there's a light on inside there but that you know painting is not a nighttime thing we're not an electrician showing all the wonderful lights we've got nearly half of the photo has got green trees in it right now I'm pretty sure that lionhartheart did not paint the trees so they don't offer a great deal of value so what we really wanna get is a photo that's gonna represent what we do if we're gonna have a hero image like this it's gonna be something important and I'm you know it I'm not big for carousels I'm really not sold on their value so we're gonna have a singular so we got to choose it really well really really well that's the right thing is it the house we painted is it the right thing can I zoom in or no what does it tell me and then if I'm gonna overlay a message on it I'm gonna overlay something reinforces what we do and this would come back to knowing a little bit of what they do they are house painters and commercial painters in Brisbane targeting the north side of Brisbane so my mind that that's what it should be well say right at the top which you say you know you know we were you know professional house painter and as in commercial painters in Brisbane you know

Edmund:                I got a question for you from this design perspective if you're a small business like this is should you just should you just be straight up and say that's exactly what you do what do you because what do you how do you feel about some people would say oh I wanna be this bigger brand this bigger painting business and I don't wanna just say I do the north side well from a from a branding and design

Darryl:                    Well you just you drove from a branding perspective that's different that let's talk about from the words that we were putting on there and then design if if I am Jimmy's paint company and I got 27 vans on the road and 100 painters I'm gonna look at it differently but it still comes down to who's the audience who are we serving and what are they expecting to see when they get here it's not about you the business and so the end of the day if I'm coming there and I wanna understand and this would lead to the next section like the call to action here is contact us well I'm sorry Lannie I don't know you from Barriss site right now you haven't convinced me you haven't converted me to make call there's already a phone number at the top so if I was coming back here to call you cuz I already knew you've already done that for me the contact us thing is a little bit presumptuous I've jumped ahead you know I've walked up to the bar I stood next to you and go look lets go home you know we haven't even we haven't even got past it if I've landed on the home page which might mean I'm done my job properly as an SEO because I should get you to the relevant landing page but if I've come here because they picked up a car or I (9:21 saw an…?) Ad or whatever it is I did what do you do now we've we've said this headline this is what we do that should be followed up very clearly with those options domestic painting what does that mean you know little snapshot we do houses we do interior exterior we do renovation painting blah blah you know we don't want it to say the word roof painting like that because we don't paint roofs so we wanna outline clearly first of all when I land there in the top segment thinking on a phone and I guess this comes back to our audience as well if I don't get my house painted I’m probably on the phone there's a good chance my phone or a tablet or something like that you know I'm watching TV I've got ah yeah yeah yeah yeah let's rather go do it I'm on the bus or however I might be traveling so on the phone reinforcement yep I search for house painter it says house painter as I scroll down are there's the section of our house planning they do exterior brilliant and that's are the key questions now I've got more questions they'll go to other pages right now on this home page I you know I don't forcing me to read something and you know even when we read it well we believe the customer comes first you know what you just told me I don't because there's nothing on here that's me focused what you're saying is ring me ring me ring the email me ring me email me that's it I don't know what you do so if we put the customer first then I'm gonna put the prospective customer first to say what are the questions that need answering where do I need to lead them not just ring me right no matter what size the job we believe in 100% customer satisfaction by the way these are sort of the phrases and things that would support the services page and our bout page and other things you know the know you know buried in that text is we're happy to offer free friendly advice and an obligation free quote on your painting project well I would suggest that's pretty important that should stand out if I was gonna have a form here says hey no free quote you get your free quote that would be the heading with the the button get your quote you know we'll ask for a quote and that would be the call to action so you know I would move it and then we scroll down and we get to our work you know and the our work is in paragraph again the keywords aren’t highlighted you know our work should be examples of our work if that's what it's gonna be so what we're really saying is reinforce what I got at the top highlight the key services in the direction the Gateway we know I want you to go within the site to get more information I wanna do some visual reinforcement than the our work should be some photos or something that lead me to case studies or projects and look the footer fine like a restructure probably be the footer got the right things but I can't click on the button sorry I can't click on the phone number I can click on the contact us you know and it's got these reinforcing messages about what we do which I really like because it's a big bold strip your local painting company because it is playing local professional friendly service quality materials no subcontracts competitive codes family-owned operated like i like that on the homepage i like that in the footer everywhere rather than just a series of links because i think that tells them the story but you know i mean it's not it's all broken bad and it's it's the site loads it's got a basic mobile responsive theme that (12:28) covered it's just not offering anything this is like the Welcome this is this is getting dressed up for your wedding folks like you know do it properly put the put the makeup on make sure that you're all ready to go and you're prepared and this isn't doing any of that

Edmund:                Darryl can I ask you what your thoughts are about the our work section I mean you said you know for this sort of thing people wanna see the kind of work you've done it's a really visual thing painting obviously I'm just flicking through to it and it's got some images there but what are your thoughts about the functionality how its presented

Darryl:                    ok so we've gone to the our work page again is this let's look at the page I've landed on it our work you know let's be specific I mean and let's not forget that where we wanna get found right the whole reason lionhartpainters existence is to paint houses and other buildings right make a profit from them so when they get out of work what sort of work is it what's our painting work crap painting case studies or you know some of our painting work but we're painting in there we're trying to get Google to know what we're about we want them to highlight it so I think even the title could be better done on page I know it might say our work in the menu but we could certainly do more there that's where we go how or are there keywords that might help what would we do what's what's confusing here is there's I'm not sure the way it's laid out so the before and afters are like above and below each other

Edmund:                ah

Darryl:                    which might work on mobile or not I haven't actually tested that let's quickly see what happens yeah on mobile I will explain because you got the before and after but typically the way that would be done is that would be the same photo before after it might even be you know diagonal line through it whatever I think the key thing here is I might even go back I don't wanna talk about this page yet because I've got something else I wanna run/read about so I'm gonna I just wanna talk about the menu order menu order is really important it's about answering questions about getting it right so about us is about me talking from the inside out I don't care about you I'm what do you do what I want you to do can you help solve my problem so the very first thing needs to be services in our work there should be the order why choose us probably about us is probably almost alongside contact us at the end so that just that's just a simple thing I only go to services because again it's like you know maybe it should have house painting commercial painting not a services page maybe that's what it should say but I go to the services page the top image I'm not sure what that shows me it looks like the entire inside of a building on the outside I don't know it's got this mask over the top of it so it's got filtering over it I mean someone's gone instagram crazy here but it's all dark and moody and broody it's got like a blue hue to it and it's like that's not showing me anything it's not showing me the quality of the work I've got no understanding of how it relates to services and what is services is a painting services

Edmund:                Hmm

Darryl:                    Lionhearts painting services like let's be explicit with it and and then we go down and apparently domestic is the word well I think we've done a little bit of research and domestic painting is not the word people don't use domestic when they're searching for things I think this is really important when you're understanding content that you write it you're not writing it from the inside out you're writing it from the outside in right you probably get this a lot Ed where people get their keyword focus all wrong

Edmund:                absolutely

Darryl:                    so the word we need to understand the words that people have been looking for and I did do some research a few weeks back I don't have that run from it the second bit of house painting is round house painting is key thing and roof painting and ceiling painting and bathroom painting and kitchen painting they're all phrases but house painting is the service we offer we're not having a domestic we aren't a domestic the word domestic has no relevance here and yet it's the it's a heading where the top heading that we've got and it is it's not it's an h1 so we actually have multiple H1s on this page and the word domestic is a major problem so commercial is also an h1 which makes me wonder what service this is you might have already looked this up

Edmund:                do you think this is just being lazy

Darryl:                    I'm not sure that people know exactly what it is what I will tell you is that the services is an h2 so the text that's sitting over the photo is an h2 tag not an h1 tag so that's problematic in the structure and the layer in my opinion anyway

Edmund:                hmm

Darryl:                    do you agree

Edmund:                yeah I agree I agree and in fact I would go so far as to say that what you said before about potentially having separate pages for them

Darryl:                    hmm

Edmund:                not just because hey one you know we could target them for separate keyword phrases around commercial and house painting domestic and all that sort of stuff but because they are separate audiences aren't they

Darryl:                    absolutely and and I think yeah we've got the services page because maybe that is the easy lazy where I don't know I mean I don't know the motivations I'm not trying you know I had the motivation to how people did it but back then that's you know it's kind of a simple option all we have is services page but the reality is house painting is quite different to commercial painting the other people looking for it and all those things and you know that better than anyone for targeting it and if the Gateway paid your homepage which is directing traffic we're not gonna direct them to the services page at the moment that's what we have to do so if we were gonna click on house-painting it should go to a house-painting page and that should be singular in its focus it's all about house painting why would I go there if I'm looking to get my commercial premises painted I wouldn't so that's that's an important thing but yeah the structure of the pages is wrong here now what's really interesting is when you scroll down the page the header actually has a logo in it

Edmund:                Oh Yeah

Darryl:                    not at the top so as you scroll further it comes in and it goes it's just some little things are just all funky about it and the logos so small I don’t even know what the frame is  so you know it's just its just lots of little things that don't it's creates friction subconscious friction (..?18:34) year ago that doesn't look like my place you know how it go on about

Edmund:                yeah

Darryl:                    like 18:38 skip…? garden people like us do things like that people while they house paint it wanna see things that look like the house so you know if they've got an ultra-modern fancy place and then Escott in the North suburbs of Brisbane that's you know worth a couple of MIL they wanna see some work that looks like it's been down in that quality they don't wanna see the outside of a Queensland compare a sleeve person that's got a queensland wants to see it so you've got a this leads to where you were going with the our work so if I was to break this up I would go there two pages like you talked about I'd get the language right I get all the structure of the page you're on the H1 you know I remember last week we talked about doing blog post and you talked about structuring content the same is true for fixed pages because I get here and I just see a wall of text small enough sentences but nothing jumping out of me apart from view some samples of our domestic work here so again it's not domestic painting and secondly it goes to the our work page it doesn't go to examples of domestic work by nature I have to do the filtering as a user so we said we're customer focused we aren't a customer focus because we're not making that easy

Edmund:                hmm I wanted to ask you to looking at this site or how would you rate the calls to action right let's say I've got a punter here what is this site telling me to do

Darryl:                    view some domestic samples view some commercial work again I mean there's a great there's a call in the commercial blurb at the bottom it says you know for a fully costed quotation, call Steve on blah blah blah blah okay but that's buried in text I don't I don't consider that a call to action and we've got this form and number at the bottom anyway and we've lost the footer that I really liked so the footer on the home page of the black strip that had strong call-to-action number reinforcing points about our mission or our value sorry values that was there I'm embedding a (20:31 format…?) it's a little bit like you know if we just wedge the format into enough places someone's gonna fill it in you know and rather than leading them to it which I guess is what you're saying view some samples of the domestic work here it's a sentence rather than a button you know like the whole sentence is clickable rather than you know portfolio of you know residential house painting in Brisbane and residential house painting was clickable you know something like that but I would if I was breaking it up I would have a house painting page I would have it I would list some of the examples with a view more (21:02…?) and then I would have a call to action which was this hey get your you know house painting free quote a couple of factors about what you need to do and then their call to action I don't mind having a form embedded on it but I need to explain what I want you to do because I want you to fill it in to get it quote this is not a ah you know someone else that's ringing up for some other reason this is fellow and get a quote that's that's the goal

Edmund:                I'd like your opinion about the fact that they've got a separate page for our work and a separate page for our customers and what do you see there

Darryl:                    well our, the customers page is really testimonials

Edmund:                yep

Darryl:                    right that's that's that's what it is so it's saying hey here's some customers the way the way I would handle all of us is slightly differently so the way I would look at our work is I'd probably turn it into case studies which would take the role on our blog and but I would do it structured this is the way I would think about it and I've handed this to the guy who owns the site that we should potentially do it as case studies because you know there are differences to the work the case studies would be a set format so they'll be like a custom post type

Edmund:                hmmm

Darryl:                    that you put it and allow you to put in a few photos put in some headings so I'm likely to put in you know not the whole name of the person but I'm probably gonna put in you know exterior Queensland a repaint I put the suburb am I gonna put what was required and any tricky bits and bits and pieces some examples and then I wouldn't embed the testimonial on that so it's all contextually relevant and then that would link from our domestic page as well so I could put examples into the you know the domestic I called it domestic the house painting services part page

Edmund:                hmmm

Darryl:                    we have more about the services and tips and tricks about why use us relevant to that like there's a white shoes ass but if I'm looking at the house painting page there's not that much you're gonna be able to say about house painting put onto that page why we're the choice for house painting in Brisbane

Edmund:                yep

Darryl:                    for this guy plus the examples it really gets a landing page that should do most of the work I mean let's be honest this guy doesn't have all day to sit around writing posts and optimizing it online to doing online conversions and online sales of an e-book or a virtual software thing the (23:14…? is career) out painting houses you know dawdled asked to a beautiful work painting interior exterior finding out conditions sanding you know all about hard grass so his site needs to be highly functional it doesn't need 400 pages it doesn't need you know color samples and all these other bits and pieces but there are some things that you could put together now I know for example that in this particular site they offer I can't remember the quote value but I think if it's if the quote value is more than 6 grand or something like that they throw in a free, color session with an interior designer that will come out and check it and advise you on the colors it might be more than wait a minute, find that on the site now that's that's a high that's a big thing right

Edmund:                (24:01…?)

Darryl:                    and that will lead to the question how much will it cost so we talked about this in our content planning and tell me how much is like the cost well hey how long is a piece of string but you can address the question and saying well you know what are the averages and in the case studies is a perfect place to do it so if you say oh here's a Queensland blah blah you could put a price range on this you're not actually saying what the customer paid you yeah this was twelve to fifteen thousand dollar job range now I understand if I want my Queensland painted I've got to have at least twelve K and then then I go well I'm easily gonna get the interior design around that's awesome I want these guys that's a quote and if I sign up I'm gonna get a design and I don't even have to make a color decision right like it's it's gonna be even easier for me so I don't think this our customer page serves great value I think we wanna build great case studies where we get testimonials add them to that and then use them in places I mean there's no testimony on the home page you know that there's no example of reinforcements they stay around you know um you know Steve's a bugger gets the job done they're quite a priced above the standard right well never look elsewhere for our painting needs wouldn't that be great on the home page just say well you know this wasn't written by some marketer this was like this sounds like

Edmund:                Yes

Darryl:                    this guy you know wrote it so why wouldn't I have that somewhere supporting on the home page uh-huh you know yeah I want to click that house painting on that commercial painting button to get through it

Edmund:                Mate don't you think they should also incorporate some elements of the why choose us page and I'm interested to hear what you think about the content on the why choose us page do you think it's compelling what do you what's your thoughts there

Darryl:                    well I like it because it's those values that were in the footer and the homepage are alike

Edmund:                Yeah

Darryl:                    and you know there's things that I think you could do with this will you know multimedia wise I mean I can't get past this blasted blue cue over the top so the first thing with why choose us is that should be about people it shouldn't be about a house so the exact the photo that should be used on that should be about the humans involved because why choose us isn't it you're actually choosing us as individuals yes I'm buying from this company you know this guy big personality great quality work he should be part of it so it should have photo of the team or maybe a video from him where he explains these values and a little bit more you know so you really go this guy actually lives and breathes these values I like them and I think he started there like finding a good painter can be a challenge right now he obviously understands he's worked you know before he set up his own business for other painters he's heard all the good and bad stories so that leads to potential content that could be put somewhere within the site about what are the challenges in getting a good painter

Edmund:                Yeah excellent

Darryl:                    you know because this is so such a simple structure you know I've already covered most of the structural things I know that the forms weren't working properly originally they won't come and throw in the right way and things like that so that's sort of been resolved but like even the contact us page it's a really structured to be particularly inviting you know it's just a form and it's got that ball like footer again but it you know it just doesn't have a lot so I guess the where we need to go from here is I think this is pretty easy I think the side architecture from this would just split up and maybe I'll just summarize that now because then I wanna I want us to talk about some other stuff like behind the scenes stuff and bits and pieces I I don't think it's got massive performance issues because I've already looked at that and they weren't a lot of plugins we'll put the speed plugin on so that's all good it's just its contents just lost and it's not visually appealing enough and the mobile version needs some polish I would suggest we're obviously gonna have a home I think it would launch I'd have house painting commercial painting would be navigational items so they would be two pages and would really dress them up to have examples and all the rest i within the our work section you know call it our work whatever but that would be the case studies and that would have you know and so that would be laid out like a blog you know we have you know photo and a bit of an intro and you click through it and there'll be a whole page to case study there that would outline all the stuff and it would have calls to action back to if it was a residential house it would take you back to the house planning page as well as get a free quote so that would be everywhere you know get your free quote

Edmund:                hmm

Darryl:                    and that would invite the action so we don't have to have a form on every page get your free quote could be a button that take me to a place to do that and then I probably draw up the our customers because I would embed those testimonials everywhere I could to reinforce the content we can build the trust there why choose us I'd probably build that out a bit contact us I dress up so we kind of have the same number of pages but they would be slightly different and then obviously we put a fresh theme design and clean it up and get some better photos or take the mask off these photos focus them you know better on the work done and really really show that what do you think of that

Edmund:                man I think that's pretty good I mean I agree with pretty much what you've all talked about because right now it just it looks a little sad you know and not a hundred percent right so it looks like someone's destroying it up without giving a lot of tender love and thought to the process

Darryl:                    all right well the next important thing is the whole goal of us is to have this sucker found and you know it's now running fast so that's good We got that running fast we're tracking it in analytics and you know let's be realistic and this is the other thing that small business has to understand too - you think oh well you know there's not that many people looking for this (29: 23..? price about) the numbers show that there are in Brisbane that there are and at the moment he's not getting a lot of them and there's a reason for that and so if we go into the analytics and look at you know Brisbane traffic it is most of the traffic he's got you know he's got a reasonably high bounce rate it's not bad like it's not horrible but yeah I guess my question is is he getting much traffic is he getting found

Edmund:                well the way that I see a lot of these small sites that have sort of been out there and they're like the poor kid that doesn't get a lot of attention right they're out there and people just say oh they don't work and there's there's a reason for that and these are just simple fundamental things that are addressable like the things you've talked about but from an SEO perspective I mean the approach I take is I wanna see what it's getting found for right even before I have a look at the analytics right because I know the analytics will show me some visitors because the the owner typically visits his own site to check things out but there are there are tools out there which allow you to look and see what the site is getting found for if there's a Google search console which they may or may not have installed and you know what most small business owners probably won't have search console install but for my perspective I use this tool called SEM rush and I just popped the website in and it tells me hey look it's it's seen this website in Google for two keyword phrases which are the business name Lionhart right

Darryl:                    yeah

Edmund:                and they don't generate any traffic because it doesn't even rank number one for its own brand right its own business name so from a from a Google perspective why he's not getting any traffic he's because he's not getting found for the ef for any keyword phrases that matter

Darryl:                    and I would guess that's because on the content on the page it's not got the right language

Edmund:                Correct

Darryl:                    from a starting perspective it's

Edmund:                yeah

Darryl:                    it doesn't say I mean so did you do any data on traffic volume for the key phrases have you got any numbers

Edmund:                yeah I've got them up and that's what I was gonna lead into now

Darryl:                    so what's the top phrase let's just talk with those

Edmund:                so number one phrase is painters Brisbane which has 1900 monthly searches and then if I take it down to this specific region that he works for which is North Brisbane painters Brisbane Northside has 260 monthly searches

Darryl:                    and what's the next phrase downs like house painters or

Edmund:                oh yeah house painters Brisbane 480

Darryl:                    okay so there's four hundred and eighty queries in Brisbane alone like if we don't narrow it down and and looking at that we could assume if we did that for the north side it's probably a hundred

Edmund:                yeah

Darryl:                    Roughly yeah okay but there are a hundred searches a month for that one phrased alone and that content doesn't really exist on his website

Edmund:                correct

Darryl:                    so this this is like fundamentally problem number one isn't it like you can't get found if you don't have it like no one can no one can find the raisin in the bun if there's no raisins in the bun

Edmund:                that's right and what you talked about before having a services page and on the services page it has commercial and domestic none of that language is House Painters Brisbane painters Brisbane commercial painters Brisbane painters Bris, there's nothing on that page none of those keyword phrases are anywhere on those pages right and the fact that commercial painters Brisbane has 320 house painters Brisbane which probably relates to the domestic which we were talking about

Darryl:                    ahuh

Edmund:                has its own search volume which then tells you hey let's create a separate page for each one of these services

Darryl:                    hang on Mr. Ed hang on so what we're saying is if we didn't regionalize it to Northside there is around 1400 search phrases a month for two phrases alone not all the long tail phrases and everything else like commercial and and painters Brisbane so commercial painters and painters Brisbane those two alone we're getting fourteen or fifteen hundred searches a month in the Brisbane locale

Edmund:                absolutely with all the variations yep

Darryl:                    so there's a fair few there he could be benefited from

Edmund:                yes

Darryl:                    so you know and okay so why some okay he's not ranking well what are the faults come on

Edmund:                all right

Darryl:                    let’s go through those fault

Edmund:                now that we know that the key what the keyword phrases are if you look at the site right from an SEO perspective what you wanna see is those keyword phrases in the page titles for each of the primary pages so the home page for these local businesses and this is the challenge sometimes some of these local businesses the home page because they provide one or two services tends to be the page that is optimized right so we you know you and I talked about having a page for commercial and a page for a sort of home domestic and yes you can optimize those for the keywords but at the same time I would optimize this home page because it's typically going to be the most authoritative page but if you look at the page titles they don't have any of those keywords in them except for this in this case here he's there is some keyword phrase in the home right

Darryl:                    I added that

Edmund:                oh so you added this

Darryl:                    you know a few week ago yeah yeah so it wasn't there before it literally just said lionhart painters home

Edmund:                yeah

Darryl:                    like default so

Edmund:                that's what I thought because looking at it now it says the page title for the home pages house painters in Brisbane commercial painters Brisbane so it's got some keyword phrases in there right which Daryl added in but as he said in previous

Darryl:                    Very basic yeah

Edmund:                Yeah so so that's the first step right I know the keyword phrases and at a very basic level I wanna have them in the page title right so I'd write a keyword rich compelling page title looking to get your house painted in North Brisbane or looking for a house painter in North Brisbane something like that and then a meta description right a meta description that is like a small ad right so when this appear in Google search it's gonna say I'm on the guide click on me that's the first thing

Darryl:                    Okay and and so ok so we know we've got to create these pages with content so let's just say we're doing now and we're gonna get all the tags cleaned up what's another problem the site's got

Edmund:                yeah

Darryl:                    I suppose getting fact/fair

Edmund:                absolutely so you can you can optimize this page correctly and all of the pages on the site so it has the right keyword phrases and what you'll probably find is your Google search it and all of a sudden you'll start to rank for say you know Brisbane painters on North side but you'll be down like 80 90 100 whatever it is and the reason why this site would rank why so low is because it has no backlinks now if anyone listening doesn't know what a backlink is all that simply is is a link from one website to another and in this case here Google looks at the number the quality and the relevance of links from other websites to yours to help rank websites right so typically a good strong business with good quality links will rank higher than a website which has fewer links

Darryl:                    okay so summing up so it's got no links we're gonna get links we've got episodes about getting links so that's fine

Edmund:                Yeah

Darryl:                    so he's got no lengths so he's got bad structure bad content missing content and no links any other key things that you're seeing there

Edmund:                well from an SEO perspective that's that's really where we start right we have to start with those two things simply oh the other thing is I should mention is this is a local business right meaning


Darryl:                    Yes

Edmund:                it serves a specific region what's missing as well here is there is no Google my business listing now you can yeah Darryl so you had a question

Darryl:                    no no sorry that keep going that’s fine

Edmund:                yeah so the Google my business listing is simply what you see in Google Maps and it's important because Google is aware of where you are through its connection with mobile it understands your location it's got it's got you know Android and whatnot and it wants to deliver a local business to a person in a specific location so even if you had fewer links right insufficient links to rank for say painters Brisbane if you were the most relevant local business to where a person was then if you're in my business you'll get found right you'll probably appear in that little Maps listing so he need to put this business in Google. Maps for starters

Darryl:                    yeah great advice okay so I think what we'll do is we've probably covered a lot we're gonna put some of sympho in part of this is we are going to track the changes what's happening and just highlight them in a future episode what what the changes are you know what happened how it's progressively done and just highlight a few basic things so we'll have a bit of a before-and-after and in reality it's probably your common sense if you actually look at it like some of the things I'm talking about (37:35…?) oh yeah but you wouldn't have said oh my god that's horrible necessarily if you looked at it you just move on as you use it you wouldn't understand why I didn't gel like another one might

Edmund:                yeah

Darryl:                    it doesn't have to be full of content and there's you know this is a four or five page website but it needs to be done and I know from insight these guys are putting heaps of photos up on Facebook because it's convenient and easy sharing stuff up there getting some likes getting some work shared through there which is great but they're not bringing them back to the asset that they control and boosting that

Edmund:                Correct

Darryl:                    and so that they're getting their sources of enquiry from multiple Channel so they have the content they have it all they can do it so really to summarize that what we said is the structure of the site's not quite right visually it's not really ringing any bells - same lovely they are really encouraging me through it it's not visually representing a visual product well I guess its good way to put it content is definitely missing so we're gonna we're gonna look at recommendations to restructure the site redo the content get all the pictures you know snappy ins sharp really highlight the our work and show it off really nicely strong calls to action that feature things that matter most the free quote highlight those sorts of things and just get some movement in there and then obviously  Google my business get links I know that people like yourself and others do local link programs so you can get a whole bunch of directory links and things like that to get started which is gonna be he's not gonna be getting lots of links for lots of external people but you could just take care of some of that to get going and then look at more advanced strategies later

Edmund:                and and the other thing you missed is just optimizing the page titles to include the relevant keyword phrases

Darryl:                    yeah so then that'll happen all with the content and all the rest of it

Edmund:                Yeah

Darryl:                    so I think that probably summarizes most of it we've talked about you know breaking all up backlinks he's got a visibility you know SSL speed we've got analytics on there I wanna make sure everything's all done contents done I think that covers it Ed what do you reckon

Edmund:                that's it I think it's a pretty comprehensive plan of attack for what we're gonna do and hopefully we'll come back in a later episode and talk about the data and the results that we get

Darryl:                    yeah and we will put screenshots very page up on the in the resources section will also put maybe a little snapshot of backlinks

Edmund:                yeah

Darryl:                    things like that and maybe a couple of ranking summaries just so people could see what it looks like now so they can kind of understand what do they mean by there ahhr if I logging in my own analytics aahhr right if I log in here but you know the and even we'll do an example of we'll take a screenshot of the site query on Google of what the page titles

Edmund:                Sure

Darryl:                    are made us look like today because there are some things there where you know it's just scraped content off the page like phone numbers and that looks really daft so we put all those things as sort of fixed in memory on the resources

Edmund:                excellent and that's it for the day Darryl what do you reckon

Darryl:                    I reckon

Edmund:                wonderful thank you again for listening we really appreciate you coming along and listening to our podcast if you wanna see the show notes get access to the resources Darryl just talked about and get notified about new episodes just visit bloodywebsite.com or subscribe to the podcast at iTunes

Darryl:                    I wanna to throw one thing in Ed we're gonna do some more reviews along the way if someone wants this site reviewed send us a message on facebook or email and our on youtube and let us know

Edmund:                that'll be awesome awesome and if you enjoyed this podcast please leave a review in iTunes it really helps other people find our podcast we hope to see you next week when we'll continue this chat about my bloody website it's goodbye from me
Darryl:  It’s goodbye from him